Refreshing San Antonio

Poetry and Art

Curated by

Viktoria Valenzuela



Image: San Antonio, Texas collage by Terri Carrion


INTRODUCTION by Viktoria Valenzuela



Sarah Castillo           Luis Valderaz
Albert Alvarez           Jacinto Guevara
Moe Profane           Suzy González
Jane Madrigal           Daniela Riojas


Carmen Tafolla           Naomi Shihab Nye
Sheila Black           Anel Flores
Cathrine Lee           Victoria Zapata-Klein
Vincent Cooper           Mondrea "Urban Griot" Harmon
          J. Alejandro Hafner          

Humans of San Antonio

"I've been feeding the birds for about a week now, and this is the only one that will feed from my hand"

EL Vez on Soledad Street

Easter Quincenera

A dental assistant who may not be human .........on N Presa and Crockett St.

We stumbled across this group of performers exiting one of the Arts Foundation's Moving Art Party in Southtown.

Skidding in front of The Southwest Worker's Union on East Commerce

Homeboys for Life    

Walking with Project Crossroads

A medicine man from El Salvador shares his knowledge of spiritual healing. Seen on S. St. Mary's Street.

the Urban Assault at The Tower of the Americas.

Seen on Navarro Street: meditation