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Moe Profane


"...In a world of cheap manufactured imagery, art can hold a sacred role as the force that can undo the very intellectual damage it once was used to inflict on the masses. Nothing but good can come from a rational defusing of a history's sacred symbols, reflecting a more relativistic perspective back to the world. Yes, I am "Profane" - profane in that I refuse to prostrate myself before symbolic meaning. Nothing is sacred because nothing is absolute."

Acrimony and cheese - Moe Profane
Acrimony and cheese
Cigars Sexual Awakening - Moe Profane
Cigars Sexual Awakening
Diminished - Moe Profane
Eggs and Absinthe - Moe Profane

Eggs and Absinthe
Ennui Au Jus - Moe Profane
Ennui Au Jus
Holy Virgin - Moe Profane

Holy Virgin
Quarry - Moe Profane
Self Doubt and Sauerkraut - Moe Profane
Self Doubt and Sauerkraut
Spanish Bull - Moe Profane
Spanish Bull
Uninhibited Creativity - Moe Profane
Uninhibited Creativity