Refreshing San Antonio

Poetry and Art


Anel Flores


Amor Xicana: de una Mujer a Otra

Mi amor
Mi cueva
Envuelta en las linas de mis antepasados
Mi cuerpo tejido en manta 
Mi piel colorado en huipil
Mi amor
Mi cueva
De panzita
De huesos y piel de mama
Mi amor
Mi seguridad de dulce
De cancion
De bailar y volar lejos de llorar o terror
Mi cueva
De panzita
De huesos y piel de mama

Me das tu manos
Siento los rayos del sol
El calor de su cuerpo
Escuriendo de mi cara hasta mis peis
Me mandas el sueno del mar
Entre sus brazos de mañana
Sobre mi piel baila milliones de besos
Canta pajaritos 

You have painted on my lips a smile that has stained my skin

You touch me and I feel the warmth of the sun 
pouring down from the sky 
onto my shoulders adorning the yellow sands of the gulf

Your hands cup my face to hold me
reach out like wings of a black beaked seagull
and I hear the ocean from your hands

I stumble upon you sitting against a tree 
slipping blades of grass between your fingers 
humming a song only you have ever heard
and calling the waves toward you

Walk through the open halls between the forest trees
Be the sun lighting your path as you walk my love
My earth woman
Amada Tierra
Amada Veinto
Amada Cacion

Speak to your ancestors 
Sleep with your ancestors
Our arms intertwined 
Centuries of madres y hermanas
Saliendo de su piel
Contandome historias de ayer y antier y manana

Caminando por la orilla del mar
Agua fresca bajo mis pies
Calmando el calor de mi corazon
Savordiando el dulce del aire salado
Cuidando my cuerpo

Siento el agua fria bojo mis pies
Calmando el calor de mi corazon
Comiendo el aire salado y dulce
Pasando el dia caminando, cuidando
Con la calma
Buscaba nada 
la calma
la calma del mar

Caminando por la orilla del mar
Siento el sol 

Did I know
Did I know those hands would seep into my skin
Did I know those hands would melt the memory from my blood
Open the curtain from my eyes
Did I know you would build a cave
Build a cueva donde vida es sueño
Donde vida es aqui y alla
Aqui y alla en este momento
Sleeping in the curve of the moon 
Under a ceiling of moons 
Inside the walls of trees 
Windows of carmelized piloncillo
Lanterns of lightning bugs
Pillows of whispered stories
Blankets of warm skin

Out the window
you are there
Touching the grass
Your magic hands
Heal the earth
Heal me
Yours eyes thinking and staring
Concocting a new dream

Beautiful woman
My beautiful woman
Walk with me
The streets are dark
But you have melted away my fear
The glow of your face matches the brightness of the moon

You are a home without walls
A kiss without getting tired

To love you
To love you
To love you
My legs don't bend
My hands do not tire
My lips always reach
To love you
I love flowers for the first time
To love you
Is to learn beauty
To learn laughing
To love you is to walk with my back straight up
Your hands stretch up above you head and I watch you wake up
To love you

Your indulgent hands
Your divinest dreams
I yield to you

A thousand passionate brush strokes 
A hundred bites of you
And I am still hungry 
For your taste on my lips

I plant a million obsessive seeds in our garden

Caminando por la orilla del mundo
Siento el sol 

© 2012 Anel I. Flores