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Jane Madrigal


"... I am a wounded healer, Xicana artist and muralist, radical warrior woman, and revolutionary earth mama. My work is a reflection of my values, which embodies a deep reverence for indigenous culture, the power of women, and a vision of a better future for the next generations. I create as a way to affirm my culture, connect with my ancestors, educate my community, and honor our history, which would otherwise be lost.
   My work is rooted in spirit, channeling ancient indigenous imagery, religious iconography, revolutionary struggles, and a community of cultural consciousness. Blending art as knowledge, knowledge as healing, I draw my inspiration from ancestral stories and the struggles and issues affecting my people, who have historically been oppressed. Through my work, I hope to remind us of our original laws of interconnectedness with each other, the earth, and the cosmos so that we can reconnect to the land and our ancestors.
   As a socially conscious artist, I believe, it is my responsibility to articulate the struggles of my people and create environments where reflection, affirmation, and transformation can occur. It is only through a positive self-image and understanding of who we are and where we come from that helps us give life the value it deserves, so that we may begin to offer each other the mutual respect and compassion that is going to heal us and the earth."

Brown and Proud - Jane Madrigal
Brown and Proud
Chalchiuhtlicue - Jane Madrigal
DZC - Jane Madrigal
Janet McCloud - Jane Madrigal

Janet McCloud
Kali 1 - Jane Madrigal
Kali 1
Mujeres - Jane Madrigal

Our Lady of Sorrows 1 - Jane Madrigal
Our Lady of Sorrows 1
Revolution - Jane Madrigal
Roberta 1 - Jane Madrigal
Roberta 1
Xilonen - Jane Madrigal