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Poetry and Art


Albert Alvarez


"...I draw hellish pictures because, in 2004, I thought I died. I realized I had a mystical experience. I faced my fears. I found the light. I was held in the womb of mother nature, I swam in the rivers of ancestory. I found Buddha. I found the meaning of life. My intent since then has been to reveal this divine revalation. My hell pictures are tools for enlightenment.
My first true love in Art is Ancient Chinese scroll painting. Everything about my mark-making technique is founded in this science. I use good quality, reliable, india ink pens by Faber-Castell and draw on smooth archival papers. I don't sketch with pencil. I do a lot of research for my projects which can account for a double-duty besides the actual drawing process. My artworks are a combination of the real and imagined. My second love,Albrecht Durer., I learned cross-hatching. I am influenced by heroism and want to victorious with art. I am competitive. I'm aware of the legacies of other great artists and I want to be as acheived as them. If I didn't have art I'd be a lost soul.
The basis of my art is sublime. I love art, I need to make it.. Art makes sense of everything. It's fulfilling. I learned to draw from my dad. And I haven't stopped and I won't ever stop. Art is an addiction. They say the addict and the artist's brains are wired similarly. The same way meditation and sex have similar effects on the brain; Art is the way I meditate. "

Dead Skin Mask - Albert Alvarez
Dead Skin Mask
Rompe Colchon1 - Albert Alvarez
Rompe Colchon1
Alien Abduction - Albert Alvarez
Alien Abduction
Jealous ExBoyfriend - Albert Alvarez

Jealous ExBoyfriend
Drunk Man Talking - Albert Alvarez
Drunk Man Talking
Left for Dead - Albert Alvarez

Left for Dead
Pack Rat - Albert Alvarez
Pack Rat
Scan0001 - Albert Alvarez
Serpents OG - Albert Alvarez
Serpents OG
Son Beats Mom - Albert Alvarez
Son Beats Mom