Refreshing San Antonio

Poetry and Art


Vincent Cooper


The Weeper

A head full of memories
Are oozing out of his ears, nose and mouth
Tears racing each other down to the ground
A whimpering man in a quiet room is all you can hear these days
"What an end we have come to", he says
The spirits surround him but refuse to console
They can only watch for it is their beautiful hell too
There are no cards or crumbs for you
It is just a joke we took seriously
Free will is false hope
This is all you need to know

The weeper walks around town in his best Richard Cory outfit
Smiling, nodding and winking at women
Thinking he can one day deceive them
But suicide is the only charming quality
Of this mess of a human
This is all he really had to offer

The days are much shorter now
And it's easy to point the finger
But no one cares anymore
It's not hip to be a burden 
The modern day human doesn't have the time
To deal with the creatures some desire to be
To manipulate and control for cheap moments
Is all that is left for the weeper 

No more charisma no more allure
Just a mass of wrinkled skin and dyed hair 
Waiting to expire