Refreshing San Antonio

Poetry and Art


J. Alejandro Hafner


How I will Be remembered

remember me, free livin' outside the penitentiary
slavery and holocaust would never get the best of me
unchained like Django, bowlegged Mandingo
remember me jiving with peace pipes and herbs as your mind untangles
6ft 200 plus remember me not as an alchi but as a classy clever lush
remember me outside the grave, bald head no waves, 
remembering me and all of my woman looking posh
entering buildings to and uproar of applause...remember me
now ideally, thats how id want yall to see me,
remembering the facade see me without seeing me
but because of high society,
im classified a wretch, hell the white folks wont say hi to me
but theyre the first to say bye to me, 
eying me, disowning their daughters when they confide in me
you wont remember me
they even got Barrack, dude wouldnt care seeing me lined in chalk
He wouldnt acknowledge me, just kept on with his swing in his walk
it seems that due to my complexion, they all look at One direction
they dont know my transformation from being a boy to a man, they dont see my passion, please understand...
i wont be remembered 
they dont know my life, and when explained they couldnt let themselves understand
i was the dark kid in the back of the class when the history teacher talked about slavery
and they all turned back one by one to look at me
they identify me with the past, caged in
locked up and bound by chains, yet literally ive never been
figuratively they had my mind, but since my mind is detached from my soul
i went to the fork and i chose the right road
how will my people remember me
University educated, basketball underrated, black girl prom dated, and no gangs offiliated
yeah...i asked the white man, how will i be remembered
he said werent you just the black kid, in the back of the class?