Maria Guadalupe Massey

← back to St. Louis begins…and continues!

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    “The ROCKPILE Celebration: a David Meltzer & Michael Rothenberg production @RAC, LOVE Word Meditation written after”

    [EXCERPT]: “Burning the incense, 3 Kings, tres reyes, con canela–incense of cinnamon–coffee with boiled milk, I wanted to give you the last best of everything, in the moonlight riding through dark streets of ST.Louis moonlight streaked, streaked with electric neon & flashing lights of Delmar Boulevard, baby’s laughter, smoke of haloes of lit cigarette & pipe & incense, the world outside this honeycomb of ginger,& coffee & whiskey & prayers, world of Abbie Hoffman’s story told with Vincent D’Onofrio & Woody Guthrie’s life a documentary on PBS, & Langston Hughes’ poetry, & “Strange Fruit” a song, & the disappeared children. I say I am of this time & this place by the flowing Mississippi River & your heartbeat & laughter….”

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