Big Bridge Press


Big Bridge, the online magazine started in 1997, serves as an extension of the vision first articulated by Big Bridge Press, an important publisher of fine print poetry and art books founded in 1990 that has published works by Allen Ginsberg, Jim Harrison, Joanne Kyger, and Philip Whalen, among others. Big Bridge is a powerful online presence, now in its 11th year, which strives to break the barriers that divide the art world by building “bridges” so that all artistic communities may come together to create and share ideas in an open and supportive environment. As a further mark of this innovative editing sense, there are regular changing features that include international selections of, Australian, Welsh, and of Slovenian poetry. The poetic anthology, “The Language of War and Peace,” and most recently two book length features, Berkeley Daze and Bolinas Dreaming, chronicle and preserve important histories of the Bay Area.

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