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  1. Michael —

    Don’t fret about answering emails or keeping up with the blog. Just take notes in a notebook and work it all up after the end — after you recover from the trek. Lots of fun at Finnegans Wake!

    Jack F. (East)

  2. Michael says:

    Hi Jack, Super meeting you in DC. You know we had an awesome time there. We’re already thinking of how to get back there. We had another symposium in NYC the day before yesterday and it was very interesting to me. We are going to post some of the discussion from that online maybe today but I don’t know for sure when. We have a small symposium at CUNY this morning and a big show tonight at the Gershwin and so we are overwhelmed and short on time. I have been meaning to post my DC blog entry but I am only half way through it. There is that corned beef sandwich from Carnegie I have to eat first.. Check out Terri’s photos from DC at Busboys, she posted those last night. They make me smile. I am half asleep. Tralfamadorean Goose isn’t in any book yet but I will send you a copy by e-mail. I am on Terri’s computer so I don’t have access to my files right now but I should be back on line when we get to Rochester. Nope, no Goose in Slaughterhouse, that is my embellishment. Great to hear from you. Love from all of us to all of our friends in DC. Off to CUNY. Michael

  3. Hey, Michael!

    I see you have already put FlashPoint on your map of Friends of ROCKPILE. Thank you very much, and especially for prompt service. We have also put both Big Bridge and Meltzerville (in RED!) on the links page of FlashPoint at

    It was a great performance at Busboys and Poets, capping an exciting series at the Bethesda Writers Centre and at IPS. (I played the entire IPS discussion at work yesterday … while I ate lunch, of course!) I look forward to listening to the New Orleans performance, and all the ones to come.

    Say hello to David and Terri. I’ve been reading BEAT THING and CHOOSE, and I’ve got hold of a couple of your older books at the Library (of Congress). One personal question: where do I find \Trafalmadorean Goose?\ I recognize the \Slaughterhouse 5\ reference, but … I forget the goose! But the poem is not in \Unhurried Vision\ (at least I didn’t see it listed in my hurried skim of the table of contents).

    Have a great crescendo from NYC through Rochester and Buffalo to Chicago and on back to SF!

    Jack Foley

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