The Creative Work Fund invites artists and nonprofit organizations to create new art works through collaborations. It celebrates the role of artists as problem solvers and the making of art as a profound contribution to intellectual inquiry and to the strengthening of communities.  Artists are encouraged to collaborate with nonprofit organizations of all kinds.

Four Guiding Principles to the Fund:

  • Artists’ creativity merits philanthropic support .
  • Individual creativity is the source of cultural richness and diversity.
  • The arts can be a powerful vehicle for problem solving and community renewal.
  • Collaborative efforts among artists, organizations, and their constituents can generate a productive exchange of ideas and bring the arts to new audiences.

Responding to several years of declining support for artists and new art works, The Columbia Foundation, Evelyn and Walter Haas, Jr. Fund, Miriam and Peter Haas Fund, and Walter and Elise Haas Fund launched the Creative Work Fund in September 1994.  Since its inception, the Fund has awarded $6.7 million in grants for collaborations between artists and organizations to create new art works.



Committee on Poetry

    P.O. Box 582
    Stuyvesant Station
    New York, NY 
    Phone  (212) 358-9534

The Committee on Poetry supports and celebrates contemporary poets and their work. The committee gathers money from those who have it in amounts excess to their needs and disburses it among poets who lack personal finance or wherewithal to accomplish small projects. The committee’s money is used to sustain artists and their projects in times of stress; publish works of art which have no immediate commercial vehicles for publicity; participate in projects for altering the consciousness of the nation toward a more humane spirit of adhesiveness prophesied by Whitman; promote freedom of expression where such expression is threatened by social prejudice or outside force; aid sick, wounded or nervous creative souls who might otherwise be financially isolated; give joy to writers and artists who wish to escape unpleasant circumstances and travel or meditate; help unlucky poets and painters avoid confinement in jails and madhouses or ease their return to freedom; and otherwise aid in spiritual emergencies.

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