The 18th Anniversary Issue of Big Bridge -- Table of Contents


Poems for Trini-Poetry by the Sea series, Valentine's Day 2014, Malibu CA by Luis Rodriguez.   
Illustrated by Nancy Victoria Davis


"Big Scream" Retrospective    edited and published by   David Cope

Uzhupis Republic Retrospective    by   Tomas Čepaitis

Shota Rustaveli's "The Knight in the Panther Skin"    translated by   Lyn Coffin

Anthology of Contemporary Indian Poetry Part 2    Edited by   Menka Shivdasani

The Petrarch Project    by   David Bromige and Richard Denner

La Habana    by   Xavier Cavazos

Poems from Minoru Yoshioka Still Life (1958)    translated by   Eric Selland

Poems from Michiyo Kawano Spira Mirabilas    translated by Eric Selland

P.S. Forever: 20th Century Surrealism    by Tom Hibbard

Eric Walker: Selected Poems Edited by Raymond Foye and Scott Walker    



Jake Tringali: Impending Ana

John Greiner: Billy Club

Christopher Woods: Off Banjo Road

David Henson: Living Near Death

Steve Gilmartin: Right Here in River City

Pavle Radonic: Year of the Goat

Tina Cabrera: Return

Mitchell Grabois: Jerry Can, Grass Ass, Thou and I

Trey Stockard: Around Them Slow


"Big Scream" Retrospective    edited and published by   David Cope

Uzhupis Republic Retrospective    by   Tomas Čepaitis

P.S. Forever: 20th Century Surrealism    by   Tom Hibbard


Nancy A. Dafoe reviewing Jane Sumner's Erebus
Review of Stephen Ratcliff's by Eric Selland
Jordan Soyka reviews To Die Next To You by Rodger Kamenetz and Michael Haffta
Beau Cutts reviews Karla Linn Merrifield's Lithic Scatter and Other Poems
On "Dead Lions" By A D. Winans, Reviewed by Neeli Cherkovski
Review of Louise Landes Levi's Crazy Louise by Ian McFaydan
Review of Ron Singer's "Uhuru Revisited: Interviews With African Pro-Democracy Leaders" by Jim Feast


Baker's Dozen   Edited by J.J. Blickstein

Jerome Rothenberg
Anne Gorrick
John Bloomburg-Rissman
Will Nixon
Alison Koffler
Michael Ives
Lina Ramona Vitkauskas
Will Alexander
Anthony Seidman
Virgil Suarez
Greg Grummer
J.J. Blickstein
Robert Kelly

Selected Poems   Edited by Mohammad Zindaki

Alberto Vitacchio
Antonia Alexandra Klimenko
Carla Bertola
Dan Raphael
Ed Coletti
Karen Alkalay-Gut
Laura Shovan
Lisa Vihos
Lynne Potts
Marika von Zellen
Mary Kasimor
Maxine Chernoff
Nicholas Karavatos
Rich Murphy
Simon Perchik
Stephen Nelson
Valeriano Forte
Youssef Alaoui
Marquis Ifill


Retrospective of Abbie Winson by Suzi Winson
Retrospective of Steven Lee Carlson by Youssef Aloaui
Francesco Clemente: Emblems and Mountains Recent Watercolors and Works on Paper
Donatella D'Angelo - Photoraphy
Assemblage Art of Jampa Dorje with an Interview by Bouvard Pécuchet

Little Mags

"Big Scream" Retrospective    edited and published by   David Cope
Moving On: 41 Years of Big Scream/Nada Press, David Cope Interviewed by Jim Cohn


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