"Big Scream" Retrospective    edited and published by   David Cope

Uzhupis Republic Retrospective    by   Tomas Čepaitis

Shota Rustaveli's "The Knight in the Panther Skin"    translated by   Lyn Coffin

Anthology of Contemporary Indian Poetry Part 2    Edited by   Menka Shivdasani

The Petrarch Project    by   David Bromige and Richard Denner

La Habana    by   Xavier Cavazos

Poems from Minoru Yoshioka Still Life (1958)    translated by   Eric Selland

Poems from Michiyo Kawano Spira Mirabilas    translated by Eric Selland

P.S. Forever: 20th Century Surrealism    by Tom Hibbard

Eric Walker: Selected Poems Edited by Raymond Foye and Scott Walker