Selected Poems


Valeriano Forte



Antennas facing the darkness
 firm sockets on foolish points
the velvet recovers tricks
and expectation for prickly voracious blades
the eclipse explodes on metaphors
The honey gushes in secret
the eyes can no longer
the eyes know no longer
the light weight of the stars
dying in hydrogen balm
Absences are craters in space
actions are space to reclaim
Hearing teeth's noise
taking part in the dream's suicide
living the days' dripping
the smile tumbles after the passage
wide and stretched out weave
brighter but fake colors
the filter cheats only time


The end of night drags itself
sibilant silence's snake
There is a bullet rain in every
trod and decayed place
the rust does not erase actions 
and iron is added to the blood
iron and steel industry against the organic world
the organic world against the organic world
iron and steel industry against the bio-logical
it's bio-illogical the darkness' direction.


333 and the opposites
the chessboard unbalancing
the wickedness balancing and its
tireless and untamed hunger
joined hands are not enough
until the hug
made of flashes and souls will be waited for
giving up the impulse to detach
The saliva of anger and voracity
becomes a dense falling-down rivulet 
in paddles of viscous white darkness
to delete the memory and it's
conscience but not substance
conscience but not substance
conscience but not substance

Swords and roses

Don't shuffle just walk
feed yourself on color not on hours
now sow now sow now
scatter cry pour show
let the real buried face resurge
unhinge spikes gain freedom now
paint every moment you water
nurse stroke and sink
cut the wind with your own shape
tear down the wrong norm and pay
the duty that will make you a Man.


The fire of my torments 
I extinguish in the wind of the sea.


Eyes of a faraway evening,
when everything seemed to be possible.
We could have changed the world.