Your New Face:
Selected by Vincent Katz

1. Augusto de Campos/Augusto de Campos — “Market”(translation by Augusto de Campos & Charles Perrone); “Tour” (translation by Charles Perrone)
2. Juan Manuel Bonet/Alejandro Corujeira “Dock Sud” (translation by Vincent Katz)
3. Todd Colby/Elizabeth Zechel “Salty Pony”
4. Myung Mi Kim /Norma Cole “Untitled”
5. Barry Schwabsky/Maria Morganti “Diary Of A Poem/Diary Of A Painting”
6. Rosanna Warren/James McGarrell “Orbiana Oliveto”
7. Jeremy Sigler/Jessica Stockholder “Led Almost By My Tie”
8. Jerome Rothenberg/Susan Bee “Babe”
          Selections from “The Burning Babe & Other Poems” by Jerome Rothenberg and Susan Bee.
          Granary Books, 2005. Edition of 41.

9. Gerold Späth/Josef Felix Müller “The Scent Of Snow”
10. Alix Lambert/Alix Lambert “Banners”
11. Bill Berkson/Colter Jacobsen “Bill”
12. Kathleen Fraser/Hermine Ford “ii ss”
13. Anne Waldman/Donna Dennis "Nine Nights"
14. Vincent Katz/Alex Katz “Swimming Home”

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