Terri and I just got back from a cross country ROCKPILE decompression, visiting family and friends in Miami and New Orleans (with detours to Cajun Trail, Saguaro National Park and Joshua Tree) and found a disk in the mail from The Hammer Museum with the entire LA ROCKPILE performance. It looks great.  We will be posting that performance on the blog in the next few days. We are also going to post the New York ROCKPILE performance in a couple of  days.  Thanks for your patience on these.

More news:

Dan Godston from Chicago is interviewing David for The Argotist Online ROCKPILE Interview Part 2. 

Mark Young from Otoliths has generously offered to publish a Terri Carrion photo-essay (16 photos) from the ROCKPILE trip along with poems by David and me (poems we read frequently on the road).

Also, hearing a lot from Hans Plomp in Amsterdam about a performance of ROCKPILE  in May at the Fiery Tongues Festival.


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