St. Louis Part 2 from David

Fast forward 40 years & there’s the Rockpilers back in St Louis at the end of an 8 week tour across the States staying at a recently opened hotel — it had a full moon globe atop its roof. I think it was called the Moonrise Hotel on the same street leading to the legendary Blueberry Hill bar & eatery where Chuck Berry makes an appearance on a regular basis. Also one of St Louis’ great record/CD stores, Vintage Vinyl, where I picked up Zimbabwe Nkenya & ZIYA’s CD “In Concert.” Zimbabwe was going to play with us but suffered a stroke & was in the hospital. On the road, days before we arrived, we heard that Howard Schwartz had also suffered a stroke, but was on the mend. Yet I worried.


One of the great joys to me was hanging out w/ Michael & Adelia Castro. Being a passenger & listening to Michael & Adelia negotiate directions was by now a familiar pingpong. The deep coded bond of coupledom is its own poetry, performance art.

Doing late lunch at Duff’s brought all the years back. The place hadn’t changed, glorious Karen Duff was even more radiant. Our waitress (whose email address I lost) was a daughter of one of Karen’s staff & she was the future w/ both guarded & open questions.



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