edited by Vernon Frazer

Excerpt from WHITE KITTY
by Chris Wells

50 50
by Paul A. Toth

Easing God Out
by Paul A. Toth

Last Night With Tom
by Paul A. Toth

3 Short Shorts
by Roberta Allen

The Sitzer
by Ann Bogle

by Stephen-Paul Martin

by Tsipi Keller

As Of A Might
by Tsipi Keller

Fast Lane
by Tsipi Keller

by Tsipi Keller

Cookie and Friends
by Tsipi Keller

by Marc Lowe

The Way It Ends
by Richard Martin

Seething With Range
by Richard Martin

Stories We Tell Ourselves
by Mel Freilicher

The Bombs of Summer
by Fisher Thompson

Antionetts's Rosebush
by Nickolay Todorov

The Man Who Carried His Dog Down the Stairs
by Paul Kahn

Jack's Ladder
by Lou Rowan

Theodolite's Survey
by Jordan Zinovich


Gettin' Trane in Our Souls
Reviews of books and CDs
by Kirpal Gordon

CD by Kirpal Gordon; Review by Steve Elmer

Toward Totality
by Henri Michaux; Reviewed by Jeffrey Beam

Not Veracruz
by Joanne Kyger
Reviewed by Jim Feast (with Nhi Chung)

Collected Poems of Joanne Kyger
Reviewed by Stephen Vincent

The Distressed Look
by Joanne Kyger; Reviewed by Alan Davies

City of
by Alice Notley; Reviewed by Alan Davies

The City Visible
An Anthology of Chicago Poets
Edited by William Allegrezza and Raymond Bianchi
Reviewed by T. Hibbard

Eda: An Anthology of Modern Turkish Poetry
Edited by Murat Nemet-Nejat; Reviewed by T. Hibbard

Vali Myers: A Memoir
by Gianni Menchetti; Reviewed by Allan Graubard

Meeting Vali Myers
A Review by Louise Landes Levi Wisdom of the Body
by Judith Roche; Reviewed by Lyn Coffin

Can't You Get ALong With Anyone?
by Allan Weisbecker
Review by Mary Sands Woodbury

Sweet Potatoes
by Lou Rowan; Reviewed by Patrizia Hayashi

My Last Days
by Lou Rowan; Reviewed by James Tierney

ALL: A James Broughton Reader
Edited by Jack Foley; Review by Katherine Hastings

Carrier of the Seed
by Jeffrey Side; Review by Jake Berry

Dark Music
by Gordon Ball; Review by Michael Schumacher


Malcolm McNeill
Interviewed by Larry Sawyer
With graphic by McNeill done in collaboration with William S. Burroughs

Vernon Frazer
Interviewed by Ric Cafagna

Lou Rowan
Interviewed by Dominic Aulisio