If the concept of freakiness was capable of having a standard, it might define itself as the long-running and consistently high-quality literary journal, xerolage. Edited by mIEKAL aND, each issue of xerolage is a deep study of one experimental visual poet, presenting a thorough and varied look at some of the most varied creators in the world of art. Meticulously reproduced in the highest resolution black-and-white imagery, on simple white folio-sized stock, the magazine design of xerolage simply gets out of each artist's way, making each issue a mind-expanding journey into the expanded mind of another. —JP

Selections from Issue 37

Selections from Issue 38

Xerolage is a word coined by mIEKAL aND to suggest the world of 8.5 x 11 art propagated by xerox technology. "The mimeo of the 80s." The primary investigation of this magazine is how collage technique of 20th century art, typography, computer graphics, visual & concrete poetry movements & the art of the xerox have been combined. 8.5x11, 24 pages each. Subscriptions $20/4 issues. For overseas delivery, add $10 for airmail printed matter. Back issues $5.00 each. Write to:
Xexoxial Editions
10375 Cty Hway A
La Farge, WI 54639