Founded in 1997, the Atlanta Poets Group has finally released their first magazine, Spaltung. Spaltung #1 is two sheets of construction paper, bound with staples, holding 34 8x11 pages of free verse, prose poetry, vispo, experimentation, and general poetic weirdness. Although Spaltung is available (see below), there is no mention of publication information, other than the statement "Edited by the Atlanta Poets Group" discreetly tucked into the title page. The literature is cover to cover, and when an author has more than one piece, his or her name only appears above the first. The message is clear: this is a magazine for people who love literature and love to read, less so for people who love to see their name in print. —JP

Selections from Issue 1

For a copy of Spaltung, send $5 to:
James Sanders
1511 McLendon Ave. NE
Atlanta, GA 30307
Or drop him a line at