Poesy has been running for thirty-four seasonal issues now, and through it, Brian Morrisey of Santa Cruz, California and Doug Holder of Boston, Massachusetts head the magazine's continuous mission to explore the diversity of the American poetry scene as personified by those two locations. Printed seasonally, on newsprint with soy-based ink, and backed with an extensive web site at Poesy.org, Poesy continues to defy both convention and trend. The current issue, "Outlaw," inspired by and at times in criticism of The Outlaw Bible of American Poetry, is the fearless philosophizing of publishers and writers who know they will outlive any given controversy in the poetry scene. Featuring consistent and carefully-edited work by a huge number of authors, this is the "underground" magazine that will see us all buried. —JP

Selections from Issue 34

Poesy is available from:
P.O. Box 7823
Suscriptions are $12 a year ($20 outside of the U.S.), and include three copies of each issue, quarterly. Please make checks or money order out to Brian Morrisey. Submission deadlines are February, May, August, and November 1st.