It was going to happen sooner or later: we would see a print magazine conceived and edited by someone who developed their aesthetic sensibility on the Web. Young editor jUStin!katKO has hit the arts hard with Plantarchy, from his imprint Critical Documents. Like all good journals, each issue of Plantarchy is itself a manifesto, in this case a wild scream of intellectual anarchism. The second issue seems to assault the very concept of the magazine, with its transparency inserts (right before the photograph of a mutilated Tomb Raider doll, but that's another story. Poems are laid out with a focused wildness, and images and fonts are laid out with clear countercultural determination. —JP

Selections from Issue 1

Selections from Issue 2

Plantarchy is $10 for an issue, or $25 for a four-issue subscription. It can be had from:
112 North College #4
Oxford, Ohio 45056

Be sure and check out Plantarchy on the web.