Kickass Review


Kickass Review: A Journal of Art & Literature is the current phase in the spiraling career of Richard Denner; a quietly-produced and almost entirely unavailable full-color magazine which bears the statements on its copyright page: "Unsolicited manuscripts and artwork our discouraged. Missing issues are transparent." The editor nonetheless produces the reviews regularly, including only those artists and writers that he meets or has e-mail contact with, distributing copies only to contributors, and lovingly hand-gluing each binding, reproducing photographs and visual art with beautiful inks.

Volume VI, Number 8 of Kickass Review was the NovaNaive issue, guest edited by Gabriela Anaya Valdepeņa and Douglas J. Martin, seeking "Not the ignorant innocence of the child, but the joy of the prodigal reclaiming Eden." Such a special issue is in easy harmony with the work one normally find in Kickass. Printed on heavyweight paper, this highly professional magazine, distributed by only the most underground of methods, is unsurprisingly filled with playful and enthusiastic content; poetry and art of wildness and celebration. —JP

Guy Lombardo: Cover Art for Kickass Review

Selections from Volume VI Number 8

To find Kickass Review, become lost in the same time and place as the editor.