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Fair warning: when they say "Poets who have touched Lyn Lifshin," they mean intellectually: an 11 by 17 inch spread of Lifshin's tributes to Whitman, Plath, Millay, Donne, Keats, and some other guy, across from another 11 by 17 inch spread of poetry and thoughts on art, delightfully married to sheet after sheet of poetry-loving, art-celebrating newsprint. With it's comfortingly ridiculous title, black-and-white drawings and the layout that is sophisticated, professional, and utterly retro, Home Planet News takes the 'zine look, marries it to the Weekly World News, and comes up with something that is both populist and utterly devoid of populist pretence. Here you'll find poetry, fiction, reviews and thoughtfulness —all meant to be read and enjoyed— complete with the letters to the editor and obituary to remind us what this planet's poetry communities are all about. —JP

Selections from Issue 55

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