We wanted to start a magazine keeping the printed word alive, and made Goodie in its tiny, homemade/handmade form because we don't have the money to make a big fancy magazine. Our objective is to illuminate people, places or things with immeasurable worth. Goodie is a messenger of The Real McCoy. Whatever is real and rare, going extinct or exactly remembered, that's what we want to give in our Goodies.

In Print
Ira Cohen
poet and filmmaker
Edgar Oliver
actor and playwright
Buffie Johnson
painter and scholar
Dr. Culp's Library
rare medical books
Debbie Harry
singer and comedienne
Marty Matz
poet and ex-convict
Penny Arcade
queen of the underground

Read an excerpt from Goodie issue #1: Ira Cohen: A Poet At Large

Issue #1
with Ira Cohen



Ching Store
old fashioned general stores
Coney Island
dying seaside wonderland



Issue #2
with Edgar Oliver


Publisher - Foxy Kidd
Editor - Romy Ashby

Ordering Information
To get issues, send
$3 per issue or $20 for the whole set:
Goodie, 197 7th Avenue #4C
New York, NY 10011


Issue #3
with Buffie Johnson

Issue #6
with Marty Matz



Issue #4
Dr. Culp's Library

Issue #7
with Penny Arcade


Issue #5
with Deborah Harry