Pat Nolan


     I am the cool guy
I see in the mirror
     no adjustment necessary

a bony white cloud hand
reaches across the blue


     Late evening
a moth frolics inside
     the paper lantern

too often I allow myself
to be entertained


     The older I get
the harder it is to keep up
     with my vanity

threw out my knee
dancing in the kitchen


     Wind blown blossoms
robins stake out
     a stretch of bare earth

he who laughs last
laughs alone


     On a day like this
the bench in the yard a throne
     in a palace of light

a sprig of wisteria tops
the fir with a purple tassel


     A father dream wakes him
hot tears fall on his hand
     the hand that waved good-bye

wild onions flourish
in the old tin bucket


     The part of myself
I tend to deny leaks out
     the tip of this pen

please say "I love you"
with a neon sign


     Sun's wide low arc
sweeps across the yard
     snow won't last the day

once you know it all
boredom comes easy


     Shoes finally kicked off
whole day on my feet escapes
     through the tips of my toes

albino spider descends into
a last glimpse of daylight