Ann Bogle
Primary Creative

Shira Dentz
Life as an Abstract

Kirpal Gordon
The House of the Rising Sun/ Out There without a Prayer
A Rahsaan Roland Kirk Tribute
Waitin' on a Train/ Conjurin' Jimmie Rodgers
Evil Ways/ Ain't It a Shame It Got Misnamed
Ol' Devil Moon
What Does Not Change Is the Will to Chains

Bobbie Louise Hawkins

Michael Hettich
Fragments, Distant Melody

Halvard Johnson

Stephen-Paul Martin

Stephen Moran
Telling Time

Carol Novack

Seth Phelps
Jack C.

Lynda Schor
Eva Braun's Last Tragic Abortion

Steve Starger
Pre-Millennial Syndrome

Mark Wallace
The Death of a Landlord
Walking Dreams


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