This list includes links to contributors to past issues of Big Bridge. Many links will take you into our archives.


Keith Kumasen Abbott

            Non-fiction: Satori Kitty Roshi Style (Or, Enlightenment Practices For Stones)

            Art and calligraphy of Beat poetry

            Non-fiction: Jim in Bolinas: A Memoir of Jim Gustafson


Sam Abrams

            Poetry: The Purpose

            Poetry: Trick or Treat

            Poetry: Flip Flop Flip

            Poetry: The Test


Seth Abramson

            Poetry: 1969


Alja Adam

            Poetry: This Time


Anna Akhmatova

            Poetry: The Last Toast

            Poetry: Censure


Adam Aitken

            Poetry: Hybrid Heaven


Stew Albert

            Essay: What Goes Around


Jordie Albiston

            Poetry: Collectables

            Poetry: Things to Do (Suburbia)


Ammiel Alcalay

            Non-fiction: For David

            contribution to The Language of War and Peace

            Non-fiction: Israel-Palestine 101: A Letter to Robert Creeley


William Allegrezza

            Poetry: red

            Poetry: dark ships



            Poetry: UNWAR MANIFESTO

            Poetry: Animal Poetry

            Elegy: Dark Times Make for New Places

            Elegy: Hello Below the Serif

            Poetry: Turtlephone



            Poetry: The 4 Noble Truths of Buddha – Jaded, Updated, and Serrated

            Poetry: the corpse

            Poetry: On Icarus' Wings



            Fiction: Lingerie


Bruce Andrews

            Poetry: Pink Hints


Alina Antonetti

            Poetry: For a Dead Poetess


Louis Armand

            Poetry: Abject Relations

            Poetry: Sleeping Positions


Carson Arnold

            Essay: If There's a Smile on My Face


Geer Austin

            Poetry: Sri Lanka



            Non-Fiction: Knowing David Meltzer


noelle b.

            chrome bones


Rodney Artiles

            Art selections in issue 12


Glenn Bach

            Poetry: from "Atlas Peripatetic," 360


Petra Backonja

            Poetry: Portrait: With Pearls

            Poetry: Afterswarm

            Poetry: Underwatch

            Poetry: What Continuum


Ed Baker

            Poetry & Art: The Nuances, 1 through 8


Micah Ballard

            Poetry: Anonymous

            Poetry: Last Rites

            Poetry: Liturgy

            Poetry: David Meltzer

            Poetry: Teaching the Young

            Poetry: Black Ghost


Anny Ballardini

            Elegy: To Suor Maria Pozzi


David Baratier

            Poetry: Howdy

            Poetry: after Celan #7

            Poetry: What is right will never be lost or taken


Todd Baron

            Poetry: Sefiroth (w  ar)


Jean Baudrillard

            Interview by Nina Zivancevic


Brent Bechtel

            Poetry: Failing to gnaw on the plastic straw.


Susan Bee

            contribution to Your New Face

John Beer

            Review of Lyric Poetry After Auschwitz by Kent Johnson

            Poetry: Total Information Awareness

            Poetry: Swift Boat Veteran for Beauty


Luke Beesley

            Poetry: Fellini's Roma

            Poetry: Q


Franco Beltrametti

            Elegy: To Jack Spicer


Steve Ben-Israel

            contribution to The Language of War and Peace


Pip Benveniste

            Art: Energy 3


John M. Bennett

            Poetry: Fooled

            Poetry: Esuac


F. J. Bergmann

            Poetry: Sequitur


Bill Berkson

            contribution to Your New Face

            CHAPBOOK: Same Here

            Collaborative Non-Fiction: from What's Your Idea of a Good Time?: Interviews & Letters 1977-1985

            Poetry: Art Diary

            Poetry: Tango

            contribution to The Language of War and Peace

            Poetry: Sir Francis Dark

            Poetry: Another Coffee, After Saint Augustine

            Poetry: Most Valuable Person

            Poetry: The Reader's Lover

            Poetry: Dichotomy Times, or How to Assuage Political Grieving

            Elegy: Baby’s Awake Now


Charles Bernstein

            Poetry: The Ballad of the Girlie Man


Robert James Berry

            Poetry: The Maker

            Poetry: Growing

            Poetry: Thoughts


Mei-Mei Berssenbrugge

            Poetry: Susie, Kiki, Annie


Eve West Bessier

            Review: Richard Denner's Collected Poems 1961-2000

Stephen Bett

            Poetry: News from the Frontal Lobe II

            Poetry: News from the Frontal Lobe III


Ken Bolton

            Poetry: American Friends

            Poetry: Horizon

            Poetry: Some Thinking


Jennifer Birkett

            Elegy: Pinked to the Tate

            Poetry: Pink Dialogues

            contribution to The Language of War and Peace


Sara Birl

            Poetry: Upon Seeing My Brother's Death Certificate

John Bloomberg-Rissman

            Poetry: Totally Entirely Quite Completely Not At All

            Poetry: Grenadine Szorora: Some Poems


Ann Bogle

            Fiction: Primary Creative


Hal Bohner

            EXHIBIT: The Whacky World of Alfred Chester


Charles Borkhuis

            Poetry: from Afterimage


Ken Botto

            Art selections in issue 3


Juan Manuel Bonet

            contribution to Your New Face

Kristy Bowen

            Poetry: Hazards


Peter Boyle

            Poetry: To J

            Poetry: The Unknowable


John Bradley

            Essay: Why War Poetry

Tom Bradley

            Fiction: I Was a Teenage Rent-A-Frankenstein


Allen Bramhall

            Poetry: jerking goshawks from the sky


John Brandi

            Poetry: I Lift the Wine

            Poetry: Time Is Short

            Poetry: It's Happened

            Non-fiction: Cuba Journals, 2002

            contribution to The Language of War and Peace

            Art and Poetry: Glyph Poems


Mary-Anne Breeze

            Poetry: _Boxed A[rray]ndrogynous_ Force:[Mission Parameters]

            Poetry: [Buyo]_Logical Pop_


Scott Brennan

            Poetry: Contentment

            Art selections in issue 8


Robert Briggs

            Non-Fiction: Knowing David Meltzer


David Bromige

            Poetry: The Petrarch Project: Cantos 34-37


James Brook

            Essay: Copy for David

            Poetry: Television: A Letter to Robert Duncan, with a Thought for Jess

            Poetry: Waiting Room

            Poetry: Cold Water Motor Court

            Poetry: Hermetic Poem

            Poetry: Coda Wags Dog


Arthur Davis Broughton

            Art selections in issue 9


Robert Brown

            Art selections in issue 7


Bob BrueckL

            Poetry: Ecce Homo


Janet I. Buck

            Poetry: The Wake Up Call


Ronnie Burk

            Poetry: eagle beneath the sea

            Poetry: Automatic comic strip

            Poetry: cracked mirror

            Poetry: Optic Nerve

            Poetry: Words Written in Blue Flame

            Poetry: Sky*Boat


Nicole Burrows

            Poetry: Ode to Kenward Elmslie

            Poetry: Ode to Joseph Caravolo


Christina Butcher

            Poetry: all around the mulberry bush

            Poetry: museum of wax


Mairead Byrne

            Poetry: Touch


Jennifer Calkins

            Poetry: Start Here


Nick Carbo

            Poetry: Typhoon Signal No. 1

            Poetry: Speech Impediments

            Poetry: Grammarotics


Tom Carey

            Poetry: To Elio

            Poetry: On Dissolution

            Poetry: Mood Swing


Ric Carfagna

            An Interview with Vernon Frazer

            Review: Improvisations: Book 3 by Vernon Frazer


Andie Carpenter

            Poetry: Deconstruction

            Poetry: Seven Reasons to Smoke Cigarettes

            Poetry: Concerto

            Poetry: Hearing Neruda

            Poetry: Read This To Reporters When They Ask Why I Went Mad


Terri Carrion

            Poetry: Wandering through the Big Picture

            Poetry: Cerebral Parsley

            Poetry: Quantum foam


Daniel Cassidy

            Poetry: Song of the Spailpín


Michael Castro

            Poetry: The Poet's Telephone

            contribution to The Language of War and Peace

            Poetry: Song of the Golden Harp

            Poetry: Collateral Damage

            Poetry: The Monsters


James Cervantes

            Poetry: Bunny Wars

Joel Chace

            Poetry: polydicks poke her producks


C. E. Chaffin

            Poetry: Nocturne


Robin Chapman

            Poetry: The Hill in Marquette County


Neeli Cherkovski

            Poetry: A Poem with Lines by David Meltzer

            Poetry: Three Green Stalks

            Poetry: Poor Democracy…

            Poetry: The Elegy


Maxine Chernoff

            Non-Fiction: Travels with David


Alfred Chester

            Fiction: from Exquisite Corpse


Justin Chin

            26 Acts


David-Baptiste Chirot

            Essay: RAW WAR

Josephine Clare

            contribution to The Language of War and Peace


Peter Ciccariello

            Poetry: Weapons of Mass Destruction

Tom Clark

            Poetry: Adversary

            Poetry: The Two Lords

            Poetry: As If Anything Could Happen

            Poetry: In the Time of the Smoking Mirror

            Poetry: The Course of Empire Unwinds

            Poetry: Sunflowers

            Essay: Anatolian Expedition

            contribution to The Language of War and Peace

            Poetry: The Hero Sacks Out At the Millennium Motel

            Poetry: Nivene's Dream

            Poetry: The Hero's Dream of the Postman and Nivene


Andy Clausen

            Poetry: Phone with Mom

            Poetry: Access Us


Jan Clausen

            Poetry: 30 Seconds over Tokyo

Joe Clifford

            Fiction: Killing Time

            Poetry: One Very Important Letter

Andrei Codrescu

            Poetry: Nickelodeon

            Poetry: No Terror Natives Upset


Ira Cohen

            EXHIBIT: electronic multimedia shaman

            EXHIBIT: Poetry and Art selections in Issue 12

            CHAPBOOK: Millennium

            Art and Poetry: Angkor 2003, First Trip

            Art and Poetry: Tribute to Ronnie Burk

            Art and Poetry: Seven Postcards

            contribution to The Language of War and Peace

            Essay on JILALA: Sufi Trance Music From Morocco

Lakshmi Cohen

            Art: My Father


John Colagrande Jr.

            Fiction: The Sea Lion

            Fiction: Diamond and Dolly


Todd Colby

            contribution to Your New Face

            Poetry: The Incidents


Norma Cole

            contribution to Your New Face

Jack Collom

            contribution to The Language of War and Peace

            Poetry: Zeno I

            Poetry: Zeno II

            Poetry: Zeno III

            Poetry: King David Suddenly

            Poetry: Ezra Pound

            Poetry: Negative Capability

            CHAPBOOK: Slice


Clark Coolidge

            Videos: Readings from David Meltzer's Beat Thing

            Poetry: L.A. in Time


Alejandro Corujeira

            contribution to Your New Face

Aaron Couch

            Poetry: The Box

            Poetry: Global Language II: Thug Life the Movie

            Poetry: Global Language III: The Sleeping Beggar


Clayton A. Couch

            Poetry: Trilateral Commission


Jeff Conant

            Poetry: Poems from Twenty (Survey) Questions (on corporate globalization) and a Statement of Hope


Bruce Covey

            Elegy: 77


Ray Craig

            Elegy: as before, he will collapse in nurse


Robert Creeley

            CHAPBOOK: People


MTC Cronin

            from <More or Less Than> 1-100


Del Ray Cross

            from Anachronisms


Primož Cucnik

            Poetry: For your name

            Poetry: Chords


William Curtis

            Essay: My Association with Phil Ochs


Garin Cycholl

            Poetry: Notes

            Poetry: Midwestern Landscape #13

            Poetry: Domestic Scene #3

            Poetry: Jesus Christ in his Off-Hours

            Poetry: Der Knochenlieder (Three Investigations)


Steve Dalachinsky

            Poetry: these wild days

            Poetry: the seasons: fragments from the journals of CACTUS HEAD {PRIVATE}

            Poetry: the 10 plagues thru eyes of a working class Egyptian {PRIVATE}


Catherine Daly

            Poetry: Home/Front


Maria Damon

            Elegy: Lyx Ish Memorial Celebration


Sophie Dannenmuller

            Non-fiction: Homage to David Meltzer


Diane DiPrima

            Video: Reading from David Meltzer's 15th Raga/ For Bela Lugosi


Ian Davidson

            Poetry: A Moment 2

            Poetry: Dream Boat

            Poetry: Assumed Position

            Poetry: Collaboration Number 19


Lyndon Davies

            Poetry: From the Battlements

            Poetry: Quitting the Premises

            Poetry: Radioactive


Nancy Victoria Davis

            CHAPBOOK: Low Coups and Haut Coups

            CHAPBOOK: Same Here

            CHAPBOOK: HO

            CHAPBOOK: All along the Tigris River bend

            CHAPBOOK: Ancient Land Animal

            contribution to The Language of War and Peace

            CHAPBOOK: Hungry 'Til I Learned the Word for Corn

            Art: Lisbon Indian Summer

            CHAPBOOK: It Was the Bomb

            CHAPBOOK: Engravings of Snakes

            CHAPBOOK: The Real News

            Art selections in issue 3

            CHAPBOOK: Slice

            CHAPBOOK: Mark Other Place


Alison McParlin Davis-Murphy

            Poetry: The Smell of My Death


Augusto de Campos

            contribution to Your New Face

Larry O. Dean

            Poetry: Potholes of Chicago

            Poetry: I Ate Chocolate and Lost 20 Lbs.


Martha L. Deed

            Elegy: Year Three


Richard Denner

            EXHIBIT: excerpts from The Collected Books of Richard Denner

            Fiction: Now That Spalding Grey Is Gone, I've Heard There's an Opening for Best Standup Memoirist, and I've Decided to Apply

            Fiction: What Comes Next?

            Fiction: What Happens Next

Adam DeGraff

            Poetry: Sails in milk/ Cream

            Review: Bill Berkson's Fugue State


Helyn Dell

            Poetry: Zephyr


Donna Dennis

            contribution to Your New Face

Shira Dentz

            Fiction: Life as an Abstract


Albert DeSilver

            Poetry: Letter Fifty Three


Tom Devaney

            Poetry: Song for Shaky Youth

            Poetry: Everyone I know

            Poetry: Man in a Hole


Pamela Dewey

            ART: photography exhibit in Issue 10


Steve Dickison

            Poetry: from Schallplattenspieler, or Nights at the Turntable

            Poetry: Live at Don Mupo's Gold Nugget in Oakland

            Poetry: Mr. LACY


B. R. Dionysus

            Poetry: The Negativity Bin – (ix) The Ladder of Creation


Ray DiPalma

            Poetry: Promise the Perverse and Offer a Chinese Pillow

John Doe

            Three Poems and a Song: On the Road with Doe


Ed Dorn

            CHAPBOOK: Low Coups and Haut Coups


Jose Manuel dos Santos Cross

            ART: sculpture exhibit in Issue 10


Sharon Doubiago

            Non-fiction: David


Eric Drooker

            Art selections in issue 1


Mark DuCharme

            Poetry: The Center of Reflection

            Poetry: lemongrass, dewlarks, full draught of, fall thud


Maggie Dubris

            Review: Not Only Love: New and Collected Poems 1975-2003 by Richard McMullen

            Fiction: from Skels

            Fiction: The Mighty Up


Stacey Duff

            Elegy: Spring Obituary


John Dufresne

            Fiction: Situating the Parents

            Fiction: Bridle

            Fiction: Breaking it Down for You


Laurie Duggan

            Poetry: Difference and repetition

            Poetry: Pastoral

            Poetry: The vocation of doubt


Denise Duhamel

            Poetry: GIRL SEX GIRL SEX GIRL (a poem written in p)

            Poetry: Slangster Cult

            Poetry: Omphaloskepsis

            Poetry: Self Portrait without Glasses


Cyrill Duneau

            ART: multimedia exhibit in Issue 10


Marcella Durand

            Poetry: from "Traffic & Weather"


Chris Edgar

            Poetry: The Salt Ambassador

            Poetry: A la prochaine


kari edwards

            Poetry: Hawaii 5-o


Rebecca Edwards

            Poetry: At Yoshinoya

            Poetry: Plague Animals


Mauro Efef

            Art selections in issue 2


Amanda Eicher

            Art selections in issue 9


Stephen Ellis

            Review of Cosmopolitan Tremble by Mark DuCharme

            Review of Scratch Sides by Kristen Prevallet


Jeff Encke

            Poetry: four selections from Most Wanted


Robert Klein Engler

            Poetry: Landings


Clayton Eshleman

            Poetry: The Hybrid is the Engine of Anima Display

            Poetry: The Assault


Patricia Christina Engel

            Fiction: Strays


Brad Evans

            Poetry: their poetry is driving us crazy


Steve Evans

            Review of Serenade by Bill Berkson


Jane Falk

            Poetry: Permutation Poem for Philip Whalen


Kane X. Faucher

            Fiction: a selection from Castor & Pollux

Tom Ferguson

            ART: comic exhibit in Issue 10


Lawrence Ferlinghetti

            contribution to The Language of War and Peace


Liam Ferney

            Poetry: Bagged

            Poetry: Ode to Place

            Poetry: Sonnet 1000002


Michael Farrell

            Poetry: cabbage damage

            Poetry: dramaque

            Poetry: the guys on the roof

            Poetry: rhubarb


Paco Ferrer

            contributions to Poetry & Eroticism


Vincent Ferrini

            Poetry, Art, and Interview: The Initiations


Adam Fieled

            Poetry: twisted limbs


Edward Field

            Poetry: HOMELAND SECURITY


Steve Finbow

            From Porkchop Jukebox


Peter Finch

            Poetry: How

            Poetry: Instead of Writing

            Poetry: Trying to Find Bela Bartok


Norman Fischer

            Poetry: After Alberto Caeiro: 1 through 5

            contribution to The Language of War and Peace

            Review: Overtime: The Selected Poems of Philip Whalen

            Essay: Do You Want to Make Something of It?


Hermine Ford

            contribution to Your New Face

Merry Fortune

            Poetry: Church Avenue

            Poetry: Civilization

            Poetry: Love Poem/July 24, 1996

            Poetry: "A Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus train has derailed this morning. No word on the fate of the animals…"


Brad Fox

            Review: Shamanic Warriors, Now Poets


Skip Fox

            Fiction: Morton

            Fiction: Sortilege

            Fiction: Birdsong in Flame, Ninth Station

            Poetry: "So little's given us, why pity less?"

            Poetry: The country I come from

            Poetry: Morton


Kathleen Fraser

            contribution to Your New Face

Brently Frazer

            Poetry: Theory of fabricated Situations


Vernon Frazer

            ART: Visual Poetry from IMPROVISATIONS

            Poetry: Consonantal Breakfasts

            Poetry: Eastern Lights

            Poetry: from Improvisations


Gloria Frym

            Video: Reading from David Meltzer's Shema

            Non-Fiction: David Meltzer: On Whom Nothing Is Lost

            Poetry: Out

            Fiction: Crime and Punishment


Tova Gabrielle

            Poetry: Jewish Woman Finds Rebirth in California after Running


Gary Gach

            Poetry: Tanka for David Meltzer


Lisa Galli

            Art selections in issue 1


Gwynne Garfinkle

            Poetry: ode

            Poetry: But that is not a small wound

            Poetry: apt apartment

            Poetry: A spate of lewdness

            Poetry: Thaw

            Poetry: The Museum of At

            Elegy: falls away


Daniel Gallik

            Poetry: Within the Drumlin


Dick Gallup

            contribution to The Language of War and Peace


Drew Gardner

            Poetry: The Loop


Ricky Garni

            Poetry: The Finest Truffle Assortment

            Poetry: Walking on the Wall

            Poetry: Charms

            Poetry: There's a Drawing of a Beautiful Woman in My Room


Caroline Gauger

            Poetry: Cinqo de Mayo Unrest

            Poetry: Postage Whore


Michael Gause

            Poetry: Disappointed 


Ellen Geist

            Poetry: Car Trouble

            Poetry: Boy Watching


Ben Gellman

            Poetry: Hamilton Ave. at 7:00

            Poetry: Caffeine

Anne Germanacos

            Fiction: Peacock Dreams

Christien Gholson

            Poetry: How things were put into shadow and brought to light

            Poetry: History Dissolves Into

            Poetry: "Speak But keep yes and no unsplit"


Robert Gibbons

            Fiction: Make it New, in Oku, Boston, or Miami

            Fiction: The Internal & External are One: I'd Love to Go to the Keys


Alan Gilbert

            Poetry: Poem Without a Coda

            Poetry: Hi, Fidelity


Alex Gildzen

            Poetry: Straddling Third St.

            Poetry: Morning Cantata

            Poetry: Ely Park


David Gitin

            Poetry: Estate

            Poetry: Passing Through

            Poetry: Woke Up One Morning

            Poetry: Muir Beach Rockfest


Michael Gizzi

            Poetry: A Self

            Poetry: Bunk Beds

            Poetry: Chimes at Midnight

            Poetry: El Wraith

            Poetry: Memory on Parade

            Poetry: A Rappelling Powder


Jesse Glass

            Non-fiction: David Meltzer Changed My Life

            Poetry: New Year's Day

            Poetry: New Year's Day


Philip Good

            Poetry: Skylands


Giles Goodland

            Poetry: Erotic Capital

            Poetry: Liquid Capital

            Poetry: Narco Capital


Kirpal Gordon

            Fiction: The House of the Rising Sun/ Out There without a Prayer

            Fiction: A Rahsaan Roland Kirk Tribute

            Fiction: Waitin' on a Train/ Conjurin' Jimmie Rodgers

            Fiction: Evil Ways/ Ain't It a Shame It Got Misnamed

            Fiction: Ol' Devil Moon

            Essay: What Does Not Change Is the Will to Chains

            Essay: Dancing with the Text: Vernon Frazer's IMPROVISATIONS

            Review: Entering the 'Clear Pool School' of Poetry


Daphne Gotlieb

            Poetry: Nocturnal Missions


James Graham

            Poetry: The Runner


Taylor Graham

            Poetry: The Loons are Thundering Their Lake

            Poetry: Horse Dance


Allan Graubard

            CHAPBOOK: Roma Amor

            Review of Sunrise in Armageddon by Will Alexander

            Non-Fiction: Ruins

            Review: Chaos & Glory by Ira Cohen


Michelle Greenblatt

            Poetry: Implex

            Poetry: ninety percent of taste is smell

            Poetry: I've Got Nothing Tonight up My Skirt You'd Like


Renee Gregorio

            contribution to The Language of War and Peace

            CHAPBOOK: Hungry 'Til I Learned the Word for Corn


Arpine Konyalian Grenier

            Poetry: The Enthusiast

Danielle Grilli

            Interview: Vernon Frazer


Paul Grillo

            ART EXHIBIT


Claudia Grinnell

            Art and Poetry: As I Say This

            Art and Poetry: In the Wildest Sense, Everything

            Art and Poetry: Advice for Getting it Done

            Art and Poetry: Skinner Box

            Art and Poetry: What You Will Find Here


Bob Grumman

            EXHIBIT: Blends & Bridges

            Essay: Seven Samplings of Minimalist Infraverbal Poetry


Kendra Dwelly Guimaraes

            Fiction: Bonitas


Jay Gumm

            contributions to Poetry & Eroticism


Jef Gunn

            Art selections in issue 1


Roxanne Poormon Gupta

            contribution to The Language of War and Peace


Donald Guravich

            Art, Poetry, and Fiction: A Donald Guravich Retrospective

            Art selections in issue 1


Hammond Guthrie

            contribution to The Language of War and Peace

            Poetry: Tide and Time Again...

            Poetry: Faith-basing the Leaky Faucet

            Poetry: Bombastic Promise Keeping


Tony Guzman

            Poetry: a life of one's own

            Poetry: I won't care

            Poetry: high coups


Gabor Gyukics

            contribution to The Language of War and Peace


Yacine Hachani

            Art selections in issue 8


David Hadbawnik

            Essay: Tom Clark, Teacher


Wil Hallgren

            Like mad grass writing



Penny Hallas

            Visual art in the Welsh Poetry Exhibit


Paul Hardacre

            Poetry: from The river is far behind us (parts xxvii – xxxiii)


Lee Harris

            Poetry: D Press: A Jewel in the Net

Jeff Harrison

            Elegy: Elegy for Mice Trapped in a Burning House


Kimberly Harrison

            contribution to War Is Over


Graham Hartill

            Poetry: Bhopal

            Poetry: Bronze Fennel

            Poetry: The World



            Poetry: from sky journal - from sky

            Poetry: two dream letters


Bobbie Louise Hawkins

            Non-Fiction: Panna


Jim Hayes

            Art selections in issue 2


Jonathan Hayes

            Poetry: The Killing Jar

            Poetry: Diamonds and Sneakers


Janie Heath

            Fiction: Ditch


Lyn Hejinian

            Poetry: from The Fatalist


Michael Heller

            Poetry: Report on the Dispatches

            Non-fiction: from Living Root: A Memoir


John Herndon

            Essay: Me and Ed

Michael Hettich

            Elegy: Fragments, Distant Melody

            Poetry: There Was a Mother

            Poetry: Memorable Food


Allen Hibbard

            EXHIBIT: The Whacky World of Alfred Chester


Tom Hibbard

            Essay: Linear/Nonliner: Simplifying the Complex

            EXHIBIT: Iraqi Ice Tea

            Review: Edward Weston: Philosophy of the Visible

            Review: Brett Evans' Autograph: After School Session

            Review: Prokofiev's Cinderella: Purity of Imagination


David Highsmith

            Poetry: from Petroglyph


Tiffany Higgins

            Poetry: "hello I am the rogue-faced prankster"


Ernie Hilbert

            Poetry: Accession

            Poetry: Demonica

            Poetry: Heraklitus Wanders


Crag Hill

            Poetry: King of Spades


Owen Hill

            Non-Fiction: In the Meltzer Library


Richard Hillman

            Poetry: The Blacksheep Says It All

            Poetry: Can't Say No

            Poetry: I'm Ready


Jack Hirschman

            Poetry: The Sheer Arcane

            Poetry: Something Basic for Local 87 AFL-CIO

            Poetry: The Beslan Arcane


Lynne Hjelmgaard

            Poetry: Pinked at the Tate


Jen Hofer

            Poetry: "jerome, arizona"

            Poetry: "kingman, arizona"


Anselm Hollo

            CHAPBOOK: Ancient Land Animal


Amy Hollowell

            Poetry: Today

            Poetry: Along Arapahoe


Darren Holmes

            ART EXHIBIT


Janis Butler Holm

            Play: C Said, D Said

            Play: X Plus Y

Bruce Holsapple

            Essay: A Dirty Bird in a Square Time: Whalen's Poetry


Scott Holstad

            Poetry: Hypomaniac


Ric Hool

            Poetry: Alan's Walk

            Poetry: Chapel Bank

            Poetry: Road Lines


David Howard

            Poetry: The Folly of Honest Men


Coral Hull

            Poetry: Guns, Dead Goats & My Black Heart


Anthony Hunt

            Essay: Commentary on the writing of Genesis, Structure, and Meaning in Gary Snyder's Mountains and Rivers Without End


Stefan Hyner

            Essay: Ed Dorn, a Recollection

            contribution to The Language of War and Peace


Marty Ison

            Art: Demonica


Julia Istomina

            Poetry: Costello

            Poetry: Cat and Mouse

            Poetry: Last Tango in Paris

            Poetry: Unfinished Yet Unwound


Andy Jackson

            Poetry: Mantra for the target market

            Poetry: Youth group camp


Colter Jacobson

            contribution to Your New Face

JeanPaul Jenack

            Poetry: One Last Dance

            Poetry: In the Event


Halvard Johnson

            Fiction: Fjord

            Poetry: ATM in Lobby


Kent Johnson

            Poetry: Lyric Poetry After Auschwitz, or: "Get the Hood Back On"

Pilar Erika Johnson

            Art selections in issue 1


Jill Jones

            Poetry: Elsewhere


John Jones

            Poetry: Love affair

            Poetry: Sedimentary

            Poetry: Up


Pierre Joris

            Five Elegies and a Meditation


Jane Joritz-Nakagawa

            Poetry: In the belle herald cafe

            Poetry: Island Paradise

            Poetry: Interlude

            Poetry: The Second Time

            Poetry: Heart Failure

            Poetry: Neither You Nor I



            Fiction: Pervasive

            contribution to The Language of War and Peace

            Fiction: Indolence

            Fiction: Closet>          


Michaela Kahn

            Flash (New Mexico)

Britta Kallevang

            from Mind


Mark Kanak

            Poetry: held up


Jonathan Kane

            Art selections in issue 9

            Art selections in issue 8

            Art selections in issue 2


Michele Kaplan

            Art selections in issue 1


Mary Kasimor

            Poetry: location is everything



            Poetry: Balance Is Everything Is

            Poetry: directed energy: fair

            Poetry: The Language of Power

            Poetry: open your hatch for

            Poetry: war of the future


Alex Katz

            contribution to Your New Face

Vincent Katz

            contribution to Your New Face

Alan Kaufman

            Poetry: I Know How It Feels


Anthony Kaufman

            Essay: Street Films

            Essay: Erotic Foreign Film Moments


Marie Kazalia

            Review: sameness in the luxury of being

            Poetry: Communication Pressures in Hong Kong

            Poetry: leper couple South India

            Poetry: Kowloon City

            Poetry: another lesson

            Poetry: WISDOM/REINCARNATION

            Poetry: Venus de Milo arms


Tim Keane

            Poetry: Three Paintings


Larry Kearney

            Fiction: chapter 5 of Power & Misery

            Fiction: Power & Misery, complete in .pdf


Ian Keenan

            Poetry: Of Objects

            Fiction: Of Objects (2)


Cralan Kelder

            Poetry: Prissy Sign

            Poetry: In the Museum (girls)

            Poetry: The Geisha Exchange

            Poetry: On Using the Word 'Important' to Describe Poetry


S. K. Kelen

            Poetry: Bon Voyage

            Poetry: Down Time

            Poetry: Drafting: Don Juan in the Shopping Mall


Ward Kelley

            Fiction: from Divine Murder

            Poetry: Messiah


Jukka-Pekka Kervinen

            Elegy: elegies


Kevin Killian

            Non-fiction: What I Saw at the Orono Conference 2000


Myung Mi Kim

            contribution to Your New Face

Amy King

            Poetry: I've Opted for a Heart This Mid-November Morn

            Poetry: Mildly Free


Ish Klein

            Poetry: The Will

            Poetry: For You I Will Make Myself Useful


Pedja Kojovic

            An Interview with Kent Johnson


Sybil Kollar

            Poetry: Now

Richard Kostelanetz

            Poetry: GHOSTS

Syrie Kovitz

            Art selections in issue 9


Paul Krassner

            contribution to War Is Over


mark s. kuhar

            contribution to War Is Over

            Poetry: the blueprint for a whirling tourniquet

            Poetry: the royal order of the stoned locomotive

            Poetry: a thumbnail sketch from north of the kaleidoscope tree

            Poetry: junk angel of the evaporating night

            Poetry: what looks like a dead body from a distance is a log up close

            Poetry: you push the wheelbarrow


Donna Kuhn

            Poetry: cutlets

            Poetry: ball of fire star

            Poetry: storm system


Ryan Kuhn

            Poetry: Cairns and Basins


Josh Kun

            Essay: Tuesdays with Meltzer


Tuli Kupferberg

            Song: Because the State


Joanne Kyger

            Video: reading from David Meltzer's Lamentation for Jack Spicer

            Poetry: Historic Afterglows

            contribution to The Language of War and Peace

            CHAPBOOK: The Real News


Marcela L.

            ART EXHIBIT


Lewis LaCook

            Poetry: echo and narcissus


Mike Ladd

            Poetry: Yellow


Michael Lally

            Poetry: from March 18, 2003 (previously published by Libellum Books


A. R. Lamb

            Poetry: the bogs

            Poetry: she would wash

            Poetry: the midwife fainted

            Poetry: it's just


Alix Lambert

            contribution to Your New Face

Kim Lambright

            Poetry: Weather

            Poetry: Shorter Days


Tim Lane

            Poetry: Fabulous

            Poetry: Pure Pop


Michael Largo

            Fiction: The History of Flan

            Fiction: from Welcome to Miami

            Fiction: Exotic Hat

            Fiction: Garage Band

            Fiction: Papa's Gun


Rene Lauro

            Essay: Ed Dorn: Recollections

Bill Lavender

            Poetry: Self Portrait

            Poetry: The Plenum

            Poetry: Hay Pan

            Review: two chapbooks from 3rdness

            Review: Elegies and Vacations by Hank Lazar


Robert LaVigne

            Art selections in issue 6


Marina Lazzara

            Poetry: David


Christopher Levenson

            Poetry: Paris, 1919


Louise Landes Levi

             Review of Pyramid of Fire: The Lost Aztec Codex: Spiritual Ascent at the End of Time by John Major Jenkins and Marty Matz

            Poetry: from Avenue A & 9th Street

            CHAPBOOK: Banana Baby (an Adobe Acrobat file)

            CHAPBOOK: HO

            CHAPBOOK: The Highway Queen

            contribution to The Language of War and Peace

            Non-fiction: The Poetics of Prayer

            Poetry: Alone

            Poetry: On the Deserted Road

            Poetry: Ferns

            Poetry: Thinking


Desmond Lewis

            Fiction: Merry Hell


Joel Lewis

            Poetry: Portraits in Jew

            Non-Fiction: An Appreciation of David Meltzer


            Poetry: Yes We Have No Nirvanas


Joel Lipman

            contribution to War Is Over


billy little

            Poetry: stuck his neck out

            Poetry: Feeding Them Canadians


Johnny Little

            Essay: Seek to Discover the Self

Norman Lock

            Fiction: The City of Radiant Objects


Kimberly Lojek

            Poetry: Self Portrait in a Silk Dress


Rick London

            contribution to The Language of War and Peace

            Poetry: elegy

            Poetry: portrait

            Poetry: paint


Christopher Longoria

            Poetry: Per Son


Brendan Lorber

            Poetry: Under the Floating Sea


John Lowther

            Review: Handbook of Inaesthetics by Alan Badiou

            Review: While Sleeping by Bill Lavender


Andrew Lundwall

            contribution to War Is Over

            Preface to Export: Writing the Midwest

            Poetry: Apparently: The Odyssey

            Poetry: Phantasy


Steve Luttrell

            Poetry: Home

            Poetry: Who Cares


Kate Lutzner

            Poetry: Asylum Avenue

            Poetry: Dutiful Girl

            Poetry: Flight


Kimberly Lyons

            Poetry: Pale White With Pale White Rings

            Poetry: Reef

            Poetry: What the Gods Do

            Poetry: Tacit


Lewis MacAdams

            CHAPBOOK: Grand Central Station


Ian McBryde

            Poetry: SS Banquet, Treblinka

            Poetry: Under Pink Triangles


Amy Evans McClure

            Art: Art Selections in Issue 12

            Art: Glimmers of India

            Art selections in issue 4


Michael McClure

            Poetry: Poisoned Wheat

            Poetry: SOULS   for Ernesto Cardenal

            Video: Reading from David Meltzer's Nature Poem

            Poetry: Meltzer: Portrait of the Poet, 1957

            CHAPBOOK: Something of India

            contribution to The Language of War and Peace

            CHAPBOOK: Engravings of Snakes

            Poetry: written two days after Christmas


Erin McCluskey

            Poetry: How the Stars Are Given Names


Gretchen McCullogh

            Fiction: Hannah Chapter 1


Caitlin Grace McDonnell

            Poetry: Answer

            Poetry: New Yorker Poem #6


James McGarrell

            contribution to Your New Face

Karyna McGlynn

            Poetry: The Rainforest Is For Dicks

            Poetry: Your Cock & Us


Ian McLachlan

            Poetry: Poem of Hedge Mutterer

            Poetry: Hedge Mutterer Chant


Duncan McNaughton

            Video: reading from Allen Say and David Meltzer's Morning Glories

            Poetry: The Soapmaker's Daughter

            contribution to The Language of War and Peace

            Poetry: Garlic

            Poetry: Dealing with Fruit

            Poetry: 158


Phil Maillard

            Poetry: Dysphasia

            Poetry: Head Injury

            Poetry: Llantarnam

            Poetry: Llantarnam (2)


Charlotte Mandel

            Poetry: On Reading Edna St. Vincent Millay While Watching CNN


Svetlana Makarovic

            Poetry: Good morning

            Poetry: Birth Day


Judith Malina

            Poetry: Editing

            Poetry: Seafood with Poets

            Poetry: I Am a Prisoner Dreaming of Escape

            Fair Warning: Why the Living Theatre is Returning to New York


Mary Jo Malo

            Review: Happening As a Life: AsEverWas: Memoirs of a Beat Survivor by Hammond Guthrie

Bob Malone

            Essay: The Muse Is a Bitch (But I Love Her)


Diana Manister

            Poetry: Aubade on All Fronts


George Manka

            Poetry: Spermatozoa Heaven, a translation of Henri Michaux

            Poetry: That Fresh Architecture

            Poetry: A Philosopher's Dogger


Ross Martin

            Poetry: Icetrap

            Poetry: Sitting in the Sun

            Poetry: Aphelion Done


Stephen-Paul Martin

            Essay: Dancing with the Text: Vernon Frazer's IMPROVISATIONS

            Fiction: Apparently


Tim Martin

            Poetry: For What It's Worth

            Poetry: Of Course You Realize This Means War

            Poetry: Blue State


George Mattingly

            Poetry: Ex Libris

            Poetry: Homeward Angel

            Poetry: So Real


Susan Maurer

            Poetry: Anabiosis

            Poetry: Candle: End Game


Joseph Massey

            Poetry: Four poems from November Graph


Stephen Allen May

            contribution to The Language of War and Peace


Bernadette Mayer

            Collaborative Non-Fiction: from What's Your Idea of a Good Time?: Interviews & Letters 1977-1985

            Poetry: Skylands


Mark Mazer

            Fiction: Dutch Treat

            Fiction: Crosswalks


Estee Mazor

            Poetry: Novice


Bridget Meeds

            Poetry: In the New World

            Poetry: Winter Caesura


Sarah Menefee

            CHAPBOOK: All along the Tigris River bend

            contribution to The Language of War and Peace

            Poetry: paglia


David Meltzer

            Tribute to David Meltzer

            Video: reading from Shema

            Song: Endless Tunnel

            Fiction: from After

            Fiction: from Boff

            Essay: Impossible Music

            contribution to The Language of War and Peace

            CHAPBOOK: It Was the Bomb

            Fiction: from Lamb

            Poetry: Aliens

            Poetry: Chains


Talan Memmott

            Fiction: Charm School


Sharon Mesmer

            Poetry: Propolis and Myrrh

            Poetry: As In Dreams of Trains


            Fiction: Harm


Philip Metres

            Essay: "Poetry and the Peace Movement: Useable Pasts, Multiple Futures"

            Poetry: Old Glory

Henri Michaux

            Art and Poetry: Spermatozoa Heaven


Kate Middleton

            Poetry: Last Poem

            Poetry: Letter to Melissa Ashley

            Poetry: Remembering Water


Ben Miller

            Fiction: In the Marsh

            Fiction: Two Entries


Beth Miller

            Poetry: Keep out of Direct Sunlight; Water Sparingly


William Minor

            Art and Poetry: Translations and Illustrations of Russian Poetry


Caitlin Mitchell-Dayton

            Art selections in issue 4


Nate Mohatt

            Poetry: The Burnt Man and Me     Study in Blindness

            Poetry: 360 Degrees in the Tradition of Sense

            Poetry: Alaska Volt


Michael Mohrt

            Essay: New York Revisited


Daniel Abdal-Hayy Moore

            Poetry: Great Cruelty and Heartlessness

            contribution to The Language of War and Peace

            Poetry: From the Music Space


Stephen Moran

            Fiction: Telling Time


Michael Moreth

            Art selections in issue 8


Maria Morganti

            contribution to Your New Face

Josef Felix Muller

            contribution to Your New Face

Sheila E. Murphy

            Review: brain:storm by Michelle Greenblatt

            Poetry: Ex-Clue

            Poetry: Extravagant Motels

            Poetry: She Is Busy Being Important

            Poetry: Ann Arbor

            Poetry: Embrace


Dennis Must

            Poetry: Scatology


Eileen Myles

            Poetry: No Rain

            Poetry: Easter

            Poetry: Poem for Patsy

            Poetry: May 10th


Imola Nagy

            Poetry: Travel Log

            Poetry: Embrace

            Poetry: For Ira Cohen


Rodney Nelson

             Poetry: Moving Recluse

            Poetry: Drone of a Mower

            Poetry: Known Reach

            Poetry: No One Other

            Poetry: Note to Miami Beach

            Poetry: California

            Poetry: Yellow Springs

            Poetry: Love in Colon

            Non-Fiction: Gramma Sea

            Fiction: from Harvestman

            Poetry: Kloshe


Murat Nemet-Nejat

            Essay: Thoughts On the Shutting Down of Big Bridge

            Review: Mao and Matisse by Ed Friedman


Pablo Neruda

            Poetry: Gentleman Alone


Daniel Nester

            Poetry: Guns 'n Roses Concert, Hershey Park, 1991


Hoa Nguyen

            Poetry: Journey with Investigative Bees


Gerald Nicosia

            Poetry: The Poet as Proteus


ted nielsen

            Poetry: anti-romantic: a sonnet square


Andrew Nightingale

            Poetry: The Transparency of Veils


Jim Nisbet

            Fiction: Weight Less than Shadow


Pat Nolan

            Art and Poetry: Thin Wings

            Poetry: Some Tanka


Alice Notley

            Essay: "Where'd You Get It?"

            Essay: A Miraculous Escape from Death: On Tom Clark's At Malibu


Carol Novack

            Fiction: Demonica


Novica Novakovic

            Poetry: Some Day


Valery Oisteanu

            Poetry: Wounded Galaxies

            Poetry: Breaking the Crystals

            Poetry: Benjamin Peret


Arthur Okamura

            CHAPBOOK: People


Stephen Oliver

            Poetry: from Antiphonal


Kirby Olson

            Fiction: Dick

            Fiction: Hungry for Knowledge

            Fiction: Lisbon: Big Pleasures in a Tiny Country

            Fiction: Las Vegas - San Diego

            Essay: New York Revisited, a translation of Michael Mohrt


Kevin Opstedal

            Art selections in issue 8

            Elegy: Edward Dorn

            Elegy: Love Buzz


Iztok Osojnik

            Poetry: European Village

            Poetry: THE SKY OVER BERLIN


Eugene Ostashevsky

            Poetry: Song of the Western Slavs


Ouyang Yu

            Poetry: Advance Australia Unfair

            Poetry: Cash or Cunt

            Poetry: The Story of Ned Kelly


Fiona Owen

            Poetry: Rant of the Buckled Feet

            Poetry: After WCW

            Poetry: Positioning


Richard Owens

            Essay: We Who Do Westerns: Haniel Long, Ed Dorn, Dale Smith and the Poetics of Encounter

Shin Yu Pai

            Elegy: dog story


Claudio Parentela

            Art selections in issue 7


Frank Parker

            Poetry: He Leans Out...

            Poetry: Up Rocky Ridge...

            Poetry: Wild with Spring


Boris Pasternak

            Poetry: To Love Some Women


Andrew Peek

            Poetry: Love on Safari

            Poetry: Rastaman


Tim Peeler

            Review of Eating and Drinking by Sam Silva


James Penha

            Poetry: Strategy for Victory: Counterinsurgency in the Borneo Bush

Jonathan Penton

            Essay: What Is Left Out

            Review: Vernon Frazer's IMPROVISATIONS

            Fiction: from Metakiller

            Review of Beat Thing by David Meltzer

            Poetry: So I'm


Michael Perkins

            Essay: David Meltzer's "Fierce Moral Tracts"

            contributions to Poetry & Eroticism

            Essay: from The Secret Record

            Fiction: from Dark Matters

            Fiction: from Evil Companions

            Poetry: The Appetite for Joy


Simon Pettet

            Poetry: Two Diptychs

            Poetry: ("There is a cruel messianic…")


Seth Phelps

            Fiction: Jack C.


Mark Phillips

            Poetry: Eleven Pieces


Wanda Phipps

            An Interview with Debra DeSalvo: The Language of the Blues & the Stories Behind the Music

            Poetry: Women, Motorcycles & Porn

            Poetry: from a journal of emotional sensation

            Poetry: the table piece

            Poetry: Radical Doubt

            Poetry: Returning

            Poetry: a fool for the breathing

            Poetry: After the Mishap

            Poetry: Womb Dreams


Claudia Pisano

            Essay: Ed Dorn and LeRoi Jones/Amiri Baraka: A Correspondence

Cynthia Plum

            Poetry: Camouflage Carnivals

            Poetry: Reputed Legitimate Toboggan


David Plumb

            Poetry: Friday Bastille Day

            Poetry: Canoe


Gregor Podlogar

            Poetry: Random

            Poetry: Ich bin Ein Berliner Ich bin Ein Berliner

            Poetry: High Ride the Streets


Frederick Pollack

            Poetry: To a Liberal Who Addressed a Panel of Neocons


Janine Pommy Vega

            Poetry: The Shaker

            Poetry: Witness

            Poetry: Mad Dogs of Trieste

            Poetry: Grandma

            Poetry: Heartland


David Prater

            Poetry: madchester

            Poetry: we miss you!


Mark Prejsnar

            Poetry: monosong one: unearth

            Poetry: for the Rio Shopping Center

            Poetry: etude with growth


Michael Price

            Fiction: Dirty White Interfuse

            Fiction: A First Goodbye


Daniel Pupko-Maizel

            Non-Fiction: E-mail from Meltzer


J F Quackenbush

            Poetry: Beirut

Lanny Quarles

            Poetry: "veracious mirrored war woe"

Jim Rader

            Fiction: The Swing Voter

India Radfar

            Review of Sweet on My Lips: The Love Poems of Mirabai by Louise Landes-Levi


Belle Randall

            Essay: Having Tea with Blake: Self-Publication and the Art of Richard Denner

Jessy Randall

            Poetry: Someone Who Is Sad

Jill Rapaport

            Fiction: One Summer

            Fiction: The Queen of Spain


Dan Raphael

            Poetry: The Way of the World


Pomme Ratanakanaka

            Poetry: she writes in white ink

            Poetry: leftovers


Rochelle Ratner

            Poetry: Land of Smiles

Ishmael Reed

            Essay: Tribute to David Meltzer


James Reidel

            Poetry: North Entrance

            Poetry: Projection onto an Ivory Comb

            Poetry: Callus Light


Hanon Reznikof

            contribution to The Language of War and Peace

            Fair Warning: Why the Living Theatre is Returning to New York


Doug Rice

            Poetry: A Flower In Broken Glass

            Poetry: Losing My Religion

            Poetry: The Wounded Tomato

Charles P. Ries

            Review: The Barbarians of San Francisco - Poets from Hell

            Poetry: Sex for Liver

            Poetry: I Love


Randy Roark

            Fiction: from A Distant Landscape

            Review of Jack Kerouac's Nine Lives: Essays by Jim Jones


lloyd robson

            Poetry: xx / xy (a response to the 2004 artes mundi exhibition)

            Poetry: sandinista tequila tabasco

            Poetry: this sticky heat


John Roche

            Poetry: Gleneagles Sequence


Judith Roche

            Poetry: Study Notes for a Poem Beginning to Write Itself


Sam E. Robinson

            Poetry: blots

            Poetry: penguins


Anna Noelle Rockwell

            Art selections in issue 2


Jorge Rodriguez-Miralles

            Review: Michael Hettich's Beautiful Weirdness: Flock & Shadow: New and Selected Poems by Michael Hettich

Harry Ross

            Poetry: Waves Upon the Waves.


Jerome Rothenberg

            contribution to Your New Face

            Poetry: Four Prologues

            Poetry: Three Caprichos, after Goya

            Poetry: from A Book of Concealments

            Poetry: Blessed Terror


Michael Rothenberg

            Poetry: Head Shed for Vernon Frazer

            Video: Reading from David Meltzer's The Blackest Rose

            Essay: Foreword for David's Copy

            Poetry: Inside and Outside Miami

            Interview of John Suiter

            contribution to The Language of War and Peace

            Review: Red Car Goes By: Selected Poems 1955-2000 by Jack Collom

            Review: I Used to Be Ashamed of My Striped Face by Mike Topp

            Poetry: Hawk

            Poetry: Parable of Pork

            Poetry: Red Light Message

            Poetry: June

            Poetry: Irina

            Poetry: Pigrims


Bob Rosenthal

            Poetry: Keep It Simple


Lou Rowan

            Fiction: The Accounting: a Mystery

Tracey Rubert

            Fiction: Film Noir


Raphael Rubinstein

            Poetry: On the New York-Hawley Bus


Michael Ruby

            Poetry: Paris

            Poetry: Antwerpen


Ruth Rudner

            Non-fiction: Cool Night on the River


Linda Russo

            Review of Strange Big Moon by Joanne Kyger


Miriam Sagan

            contribution to The Language of War and Peace

            Review: Words on Poetry: Again: Poems by Joanne Kyger

            Poetry: Living in the Future

            Poetry: Refugees

            Poetry: The Meadows


Ed Sanders

            Essay: Chords of Fame liner notes

            Poetry: from America: A History in Verse


Victoria Sanchez

            Poetry: Capnomancy


Mary Sands

            contribution to The Language of War and Peace

            Radio Clambake: An Interview with Mike S.


Steve Sanfield

            Poetry: A "Haiku" for Meltzer in the Manner of His "Sonnets"


Michael Sariban

            Poetry: Roots


Tom Savage

            Poetry: Roach Bomb

            Poetry: Fourteenth St. Omen

            Poetry: Unsafe Conduct

            Poetry: Joan of Arc in Inner Mongolia


Jaya Savige

            Poetry: Intercession

            Poetry: Settlement


Larry Sawyer

            Review: The Secret Knowledge: What's Your Idea of a Good Time?: Interviews & Letters 1977-1985 by Bill Berkson and Bernadette Mayer

            Introduction to An Open Letter to America

            Review: Goofbook by Philip Whalen

            Poetry: Brief Statement on The Snow Leopard

            Poetry: Dinosaur's Lament


Leslie Scalapino

Fiction: from Dahlia's Iris - Secret Autobiography and Fiction


Michael Scharf

Poetry: Antigone


Andrew Schelling

            contribution to The Language of War and Peace


Philip Schiemann

            Poetry: No Title

            Poetry: Sponsoring

            Poetry: Me & the Sixties: Homage to the Poets of the Beat Generation


Emil Schildt

            contribution to Poetry & Eroticism


Linda Schor

            Fiction: Eva Braun's Last Tragic Abortion

            Fiction: Failure of Vision


Harris Schiff

            Poetry: Grieving Aloud


Michael Schumacher

            Non-fiction: from There But for Fortune


Barry Schwabsky

            contribution to Your New Face

Gerald Schwartz

            Essay: This Dog Doth Hunt: On Bark: A Polemic by David Meltzer

            Poetry: Springfield, Ohio

            Poetry: Seams

            Elegy: for J.K.


Howard Schwartz

            Non-fiction: Dreams about David Meltzer


Maureen Seaton

            Poetry: Mantoum

            Poetry: Queen of South Beach

            Poetry: Cereal Monogamy


Hugh Seidman

            Poetry: Thinking of Baghdad


Richard Seibert

            Poetry: Palinode to Solipsism

            Poetry: Stigmata

            Poetry: A bag of bones

            Poetry: Eschatology

            Poetry: from Dante

            Poetry: Beauty is cheap

            Poetry: Champagne


Spencer Selby

            Art selections in issue 1


Chris Sharp

            CHAPBOOK: A Book of Milk

Charles Shaw

            Essay: An Open Letter to America


Andrew Shelley

            contribution to The Language of War and Peace

            Poetry: Clean

            Poetry: the miracle

            Poetry: dog days


Peter Sheridan

            Fiction: Pile


Frank Sherlock

            Elegy: for Rachel Corrie


Larissa Shmailo

            Poetry: Exorcism

Steve Shoemaker



Danny Shot

            Poetry: Plausible Deniability


Jeffrey Side

            Poetry: Extracts from Carrier of the Seed

Jeremy Sigler

            contribution to Your New Face

Cedar Sigo

            Poetry: Teaching the Young

            Poetry: Prince Valiant

            Poetry: from Stranger in Town

            Poetry: Black Ghost


Ron Silliman

            Poetry: from Zyxt


Sam Silva

            Fiction: Parnasus


Sandra Simonds

            Poetry: Go West Young Woman

            Poetry: debris tarot in song parts


Ron Singer

            Fiction: Spots

            Fiction: The Technicolor Meal

Mark Sink

            contribution to Poetry & Eroticism


Hal Sirowitz

            Poetry: A Wasted Grave

Zoe Skoulding

            Poetry: The New Bridge

            Poetry: The Bureau for the Suspension of Control

            Poetry: Wave

            Poetry: Collaboration Number 19


Tone Skrjanec

            Poetry: Calm


William Slaughter

            contribution to The Language of War and Peace


Red Slider

            Poem as Biography: Noguchi: The Man Who Entered Stone


Earnest Slyman

            Poetry: Donnel Library


Dale Smith

            Essay: Edward Dorn's Coups

            Review: Dead End: On Threnody by Tom Clark

            Essay: Anatolian Expedition

            Poetry: PostScript (Piggyville)


Dan Smith

            Non-Fiction: A Letter to David


Fred Smith

            Essay: Tom Clark: Craft and Process


Leverett T. Smith, Jr.

            Review: "That River of Talk": Michael Rumaker's Pagan Days

Roger Snell

            Poetry: The Effect


Jay Snodgrass

            Poetry: Paradise

            Poetry: Bonvoyage


Kristine Snodgrass

            Poetry: Semantics

            Poetry: Spells for Relieving Morning Sickness


alicia sometimes

            Poetry: breakfast in kreuzberg

            Poetry: dirty poet


Joe Somoza

            Poetry: Undertow

Alan Sondheim

            Art and Poetry: Equal Time

            Poetry: theory because this is miami

            Poetry: The Moon is Waning Crescent

            Poetry: I! VOTE! FUCK BUSH!


Barry Spacks

            Poetry: The Lesson for Today


Gerold Spath

            contribution to Your New Face


            Poetry: Helen


James Spitzer

            Art selections in issue 12


Mark Spitzer

            Fiction: On the River with My Father


Jana Putrle Srdic

            Poetry: The Other Side of Skin

            Poetry: The World of a Thousand and One Fairy Tales


Jayne Lyn Stahl

            Poetry: For Jack Micheline


Steve Starger

            Fiction: Pre-Millennial Syndrome


Sandy Steinman

            Poetry: Little Things


Jordan Stempleman

            Poetry: The Source

Jodiann Stevenson

            Fiction: Memoirs

            Elegy: The Best Expectations


David Stone

            Poetry: The Continuation of a Trend


Craig Stormont

            Interview: Vincent Ferrini: The Initiations


Chris Stroffolino

            Essay: Thoughts on Phil

            Essay: (excerpt from Radio Orphan 315-320)


Jessica Stockholder

            contribution to Your New Face

Laurie Stone

            Non-fiction: Lift Off


Lynn Strongin

            Poetry: Like Lincoln Out of Office Hours


Belinda Subraman

            Poetry: The Accidental Elephant


John Suiter

            Interviewed by Michael Rothenberg


Terese Svoboda

            Poetry: Cereal Monogamy


Erik Sweet

            Poetry: "The littlest motion"

            Poetry: Landscape Rhythms

            Poetry: Well, Shall We Go?


Will Swofford

            An Interview with Judith Malina with Hanon Reznikov

Patricia Sykes

            Poetry: espionage with duck

            Poetry: girl at play on the occasion of her mother's death

            Poetry: speculation on a possible disaster


A. Y. Tanaka

            Fiction: I'm Learning To Drink Coffee


ShaunAnne Tangney

            Poetry: Spring Grotesque

            Poetry: Memory / Witness / Evidence

            Poetry: Memorial

            Poetry: To Undo the Folded Lie

            Poetry: A Teacher Speaks of Soldiers

            Poetry: Your Folly, Not Theirs

            Poetry: Unmarried to Each Other


Anne Tardos

            Poetry: Five Easy Pieces

            Poetry: Can't Write

            Poetry: Nietzsche

            Poetry: Nothing Special

            Poetry: Peace

            Poetry: The Aim of All Nature Is Beauty


Thomas Lowe Taylor

            Poetry: from The Homages of Eagle


Lakey Teasdale

            Poetry: Red Rover

            Poetry: from Distance of Sea extended. Virginia: compare by measure of weight

            Poetry: The Rueful Morgue


Susan Terris

            Poetry: Burnout Woman & Man of Grass

            Poetry: When Pistachios Rain from the Sky


Sunnylyn Thibodeaux

            Poetry: from Hidden Driveways Ahead

            Poetry: For the Angel David

Hannah Thomassen

            Poetry: Ginsberg, Maggie and Me

Terry Tierney

            Fiction: Joining the Circus


Mike Topp

            Poetry: Universal Truth

            Poetry: Waffle House

            Poetry: Equestrian Poem

            Poetry: Quotation

            Poetry: Theory

            Poetry: The Beaver Trilogy

            Poetry: Empire with Log

            contribution to The Language of War and Peace

            Poetry: Gentleman Alone

            Poetry: Movies

            Review of American Beauty

            Poetry: Orientalism

            Poetry: Six Short Stories & Seven Short Poems


Chris Torrance

            Poetry: Angel Busted

            Poetry: Straight from Sleep

            Poetry: The River Walk and We're Done, Almost


John Tranter

            Poetry: Festival


Tony Trigilio

            Poetry: With the Memory, Which Is Enormous

            Elegy: Elegy for a Poet


Amy Trussell

            Poetry: Cross a Long Bridge


Mike Tuggle

            Poetry: The Bird at the End of My Tether

            Poetry: Bringing in the Rains

            Poetry: I Know It Will Happen One Day

Christopher Twigg

            Visual Art in Welsh Poetry Exhibit

            Poetry: On the Summit of Mynydd Troed

            Poetry: Tal


John Tyson

            Poetry: from even in partial darkness 


Fyodor Tyutchev

            Poetry: Silentium


Roberto Valenza

            Poetry: Buying a Walking Stick in Puri

            Poetry: In the Blood Coverage

            Poetry: November 7th Scorpion


Gabriela Anaya Valdepena

            Poetry: On Richard Denner

Laura Valeri

            Poetry: Threesome


Joel Van Noord

            Poetry: Impetus


Gautam Verma

            Elegy: Reflect


Kevin Varrone

            Poetry: Four poems from intercalaries


Michael J. Vaughn

            Fiction: Dealt


Stephen Vincent

            Elegy: Elegy in Red


Lina ramona Vitkauskas

            Poetry: Your Mark On The World

            Poetry: Separately: Tradition F

            Poetry: I Write from Your Ambla


Dan Waber

            Review: On Ginsberg's "Death on All Fronts"

            Review: Vernon Frazer's Avenue Noir


Diane Wald

            Fiction: a blockbuster thriller of melody and desire


Anne Waldman

            contribution to Your New Face

            contribution to The Language of War and Peace

            Essay: War Crime


George Wallace

            Poetry: Double Yellow Lines


Mark Wallace

            Fiction: Betrayal

            Fiction: The Death of a Landlord

            Fiction: Waking Dreams


Allen Wasserman

            Fiction: Flower Child

Rosanna Warren

            contribution to Your New Face

Lewis Warsh

            Poetry: Milton Street

            Poetry: Love (With Seeing Eyes)


Eddie Watkins

            Poetry: Skirting Boundary

            Poetry: Woman Putting on Pearls

            Poetry: Posthumous Masterpiece


Carl Watson

            Fiction: Feel the Pain

            Fiction: On Killing Scrim


Joel Weishaus

            Essay: Gary Snyder's Danger on Peaks

            Art: Come Here Leave Me Alone

            Journal: Forest Park  

            Elegy: What Ever Became of Gilbert Stone?


Lawrence Welsh

            Poetry: Preparing for Maximus

            Poetry: Shotgun/Corn Liquor

            Poetry: Voodoo Store


Philip Whalen

            CHAPBOOK: Mark Other Place


Nick Whittock

            Poetry: Test


George Widener



John Wieners

            Poetry: Lisbon Indian Summer


Ian Randall Wilson

            Fiction: Cassandra And Her Friends Are Performing

            Elegy: Beside My Father


a. d. winans

            Poetry: We the People

            Poetry: Made in the U.S.A.


Christopher Winks

            Essay: Bells: For David Meltzer


Suzi Winson

            Fiction: Something Gross


Michael Winter

            Poetry: 4 Quarters & Sudden Death

            Poetry: H.

            Poetry: I Browse

            Poetry: Rag

            Poetry: Thinking of Something to Say

            Poetry: Yellowjacket

            Poetry: Cut

            Poetry: Walking the Dog

            Poetry: Walking the Dog #2


Kenneth Wolman

            Poetry: Daughters of Miriam

Brian Thao Worra

            Poetry: Song for a Sansei


Ginny Wray

            Poetry: Miami Beach Christmas, 1955

Bill Wunder

            Poetry: Memorial Day 2002


Will Yackulic 

            Poetry: Black Ghost


Karl Young

            RETROSPECTIVE: Some Volumes of Poetry, Parts I and II

            Essay and Poem: Thirty Years of "Face"

            Review: Beat Thing by David Meltzer


Mark Young

            Poetry: Seven Days in May

            Poetry: The Collected Shorter Poems of Kenneth Rexroth

            Poetry: Serendipity


Elizabeth Zechel

            contribution to Your New Face

Greg Zimmerman

            Poetry: (I Love You)

            Poetry: Overheard


Harriet Zinnes

            Poetry: Havoc: War

Nina Zivancevic

            Interview of Jean Baudrillard

            Poetry: The Queen Comes to Our City

            Poetry: Judith Malina's Eyes


Uros Zupan