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Ruth Rudner

Ruth Rudner lives in Bozeman, Montana, with her dog, Blue, and writes frequently on life in the West for The Wall Street Journal. Her travels in Europe and North America, as well as her life in Montana, are the subjects of her books, including: Partings and Other Beginnings, Greetings from Wisdom, Montana, Off and Walking, Huts and Hikes in the Dolomites, and Bitterroot to Beartooth: Hiking in Southwestern Montana.

Born in Rochester, New York, and educated in the Midwest, she was a New Yorker for 20 years. For the past decade she has lived in western Montana, surrounded by some of the most glorious and spectacular ranges of the Rockies. "A psychic with whom I spoke said I had to come to Montana to be born. . . . My biography begins here."