favorite_songs.gif (44669 bytes) Favorite Songs.
Poems by Michael Rothenberg. 70 pages. Published in an edition of 600 copies. Designed by Peter Rutledge Koch. Cover photograph by Earl Mann. Illustration of author by Nancy Davis. Joanne Kyger says of this volume: From the Heart is where Michael tests his sincerity, indeed where else? This thoughtful, heartful, plantlover and naturalist expresses himself with no pretense to divine, just women and a hundred thousand sea birds in the pages of this poetry, finding time to consult the better part of himself.

ann_fields.gif (5608 bytes) Ann Fields, The Collected Poems.
Edited by Michael Rothenberg. Introduction by William Dickey. This book is printed in an edition of 500 copies; there are 100 copies hardbound in boards by Arnold Martinez. Designed by Peter Rutledge Koch. Francis Mayes says of this completed collected works: The reader is in for a shock; its always startling to find yourself close to someone whose vibrant voice responds to every nuance of the breathing world, whose sentient experience is so awake that you find yourself awakened. In a voice as clear as glass tapped with a spoon, Ann Fields intensely lyrical poems reconnect the reader to a heightened awareness of living. This is a book to come back to over and over, whenever you need rain. 285 pages.

14.95 paperback
inquire on availability of hardbound copies
Behold, The Mountain >
"This book was inspired by and dedicated to Zenshin Ryufu Philip Whalen to commemorate the Mountain Seat Ceremony and installation of Zenshin as abbot to the One Mountain Temple, September 1991." Drawings and design by Nancy Davis for a tale by Michael Rothenberg. Bound in Momi-Gami paper over boards, triangular in shape, the book opens with a bone clasp. Published in an edition of 20 copies, numbered and signed by artist and author.

20 copies 150.00
Behold_the_Mountain.gif (97904 bytes)
Supplication.gif (94886 bytes) < Supplication for the Rebirth of the Vidyadhara Chogyam Trungpa, Rinpoche Poem by Allen Ginsberg. Concept and drawing by Nancy Davis. Typography and printing by Arion Press using Spectrum types and Rives paper. The Scroll was executed by Arnold Martinez using Japanese patterned paper and is 35" X 19". Published in an edition of 76 copies, 26 are hand colored, lettered A to Z, signed by the artist and poet, boxed in Alaskan yellow cedar. The box design is by Tom Bass. 50 copies are numbered and signed by the poet.

26 copies 750.00
50 copies 299.00


Lesson In Limits Poem by Michael Rothenberg. Illustrated by Nancy Davis. This broadside is 121/4 X 17 1/2", limited to 250 copies, printed in two colors by Andrew Hoyem, 1977.


Whether A Moon Poem by Michael Rothenberg. Graphics by Don Gray. Broadside in an edition of 226 copies. 200 on Fabriano Ingres. 26 copies on Sennelier Rag lettered A to Z and signed by author. Handset on Frederic W. Goudy's Italian Old Style and Forum. Printed by Don Gray and Ester Cubinar- Gray at the Twowindows Press, Berkeley.

200 copies 5.00
26 copies 15.00

What_the_Fish.gif (107990 bytes) < What The Fish Saw Poem by Michael Rothenberg. Drawings by Nancy Davis. Twowindows Press, Berkeley. 32 unnumbered pages with one long poem and seven illustrations. 200 copies numbered and signed by the poet, artist and printer. Printed in 16 point Bembo on original Curtis Rag stitched into hand made abaca wrappers. Exhibited in The Rounce and Coffin Club's 1986 Western Book Exhibit. First chapbook by the author.

200 copies 50.00
Nightmare_violins.gif (93874 bytes)> Nightmare Of The Violins
Poem by Michael Rothenberg. Illustrations by Nancy Davis. Twowindows Press, Berkeley. Printed in an edition of two hundred and twenty-six copies, from Van Dijck types. Twenty-six copies, hand colored by the artist are on handmade Prairie by Twinrocker, bound by Arnold Martinez in paper over boards with quarter whip snake, boxed in cloth over boards, lettered A to Z and signed by poet, artist and printer. 1987.

200 copies 50.00
26 copies 150.00


Elegy For The Dusky Seaside Sparrow Poem by Michael Rothenberg. IIllustration concept and drawings by Nancy Davis with thanks to Luis Baptista for his sparrow illustration, sonogram and ornithological notes. This broadside is limited to 126 copies, 26 of which are lettered and printed on Twinrocker paper, 100 copies printed on Arches cover. The page size is 19 X 26. The poem is set in Van Dijck, text in Times New Roman. Selected for Fine Print Magazine, "Best of Broadsides". Printed in three colors by Peter Rutledge Koch, 1988.

100 copies 40.00
26 copies 120.00

Dahlia3.gif (41483 bytes) < Dahlia Designed and illustrated by Nancy Davis. Poem by Michael Rothenberg. Published by Big Bridge Press in an edition of twenty copies. A companion to Behold,The Mountain, with 11 illustrations, hand drawn and water colored on Mohawk, text hand-printed. Bound in Momi-Gami paper over boards, opens from top to bottom with bone clasp. Numbered and signed by artist with artist stamp. 1989.

no longer available
Man_Women.gif (99439 bytes) < Man by Joanne Kyger and Women by Michael Rothenberg. Two poems. Illustrations by Nancy Davis. Big Bridge Press, Pacifica, CA. 46 numbered pages with six illustrations. The page size is 7 X 10. Printed by Peter Rutledge Koch in Centaur and Arrighi types on Mohawk, hand stitched into Twinrocker wrappers. Limited to 5 copies signed by both poets and the illustrator. 1988.

50 copies 100.00
Book_for_sensei.GIF (87817 bytes)

< Book For Sensei, designed and illustrated by Nancy Davis. A collection of six poems and 14 illustrations. Pritned in Centaur and Arrighi types on BFK paper by Peter Rutledge Koch. 32 unnumberd pages. Accordion style binding and slipcase executed by Arnold Martinez. Slipcase is gold smaped Mulberry with persimmon stain over boards. Poems by Andrei Codrescu, Philip Whalen, Michael Rothenberg, Joanne Kyger, Michael McClure and Jim Harrison. Published in an edition of 100 copies, 26 are hand water colored, lettered A to Z and signed by the artist and each of the six poets. 1990.

26 copies 900.00
74 copies 265.00

 v Home Movies, a collection of poems by Steve Luttrell. Book design by Jeffrey Haste. Cover art by Michael Waterman. 61 pages.

500 copies 9.95

Home Movies.jpg (50835 bytes)

Botanical Publications

Bromeliaceae Andreanae by Edouard Andre'. Edited by Michael Rothenberg and designed by Don Gray from Twowindows Press. Foreward by Victoria Padilla. Introduction by Drs. Robert W. Read and Lyman B. Smith. This monograph is the definitive work on bromeliads of the region from the Panama Isthmus to the high altitudes of the Andes to the south and between the Caribbean Sea and Pacific Ocean since it was published in 1889. Originally published in French, this edition was translated into English by Doris Love. Includes reproduction of the original 40 stone lithographs, one color reproduction from "Tour Du Monde," and a portrait of Andre'. The paper is 100 pound Cameo Dull. The typeface is Garamond. The page size is nine by twelve. The book is hardbound in cloth over boards with a leather spine. Limited to 600 numbered copies, twenty-six copies are signed by Victoria Padilla, Drs. Robert W. Read and Lyman B. Smith. There are two hundred and fifty-six pages. 1983.

600 copies 150.00
26 copies 250.00

The Bromeliads by Leon Duval. Edited and annotated by Michael Rothenberg and Dr. Robert W. Read. Introduction to the edition by Dr. Read. Translated from original French by Doris Love. Designed by Peter Rutledge Koch. "A contemporary of both Andre' and Morren, Leon Duval had such a tremendous fascination for all exotic plants that his enthusiasm, quite rightly, spilled onto bromeliads. His special insight and appreciation for the peculiarities of pollination and seed growing, so unique to bromeliads, and his innate understanding of systematic relationships is truly amazing." The page size is 6 X 9. There are one hundred and fifty pages and forty-six illustrations in this book. Harbound, cloth over boards. Limited to 600 copies. Big Bridge Press, 1990.

600 copies 60.00


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