Hawk above the bluff
Crosses a path of doing
Going god knows where

Balanced in one place
is morning by obsession
Feathers through restraint

Hawk isn't ordinary
Transfigured clarion
Perched in a holy place

Completes an exodus



Hawk is hummingbird
Small cage of speed

Feeds at critical throat
Takes nectar to iridescent souls

Spreads the yellow idea
Perpetuates red tubular troughs

Blue watch-spring petals
And wonders at his bulk



Feathers spread
on railway bed
waiting for death
as far and spare
as a chant

But no train comes



raised over mousy fur
Spectacular traffic of prey

And I ran
Reckless through berry bushes
stinging my cheeks

Now talons
raised over mousy fur
Prey, not knowing the vice



gave great relief

Stars hawk circled
Angel said, I'm out

with grief
This is not my house

But miles of gray-green

Hawk tore, ate
This vagrant height

Only needs
the file of sight

to cut the sky left to right
a thousand feet above the fields

where straw
and garment knit

Hawk rides with faith
the awful stitch