[King David suddenly] (with Dan Hankin)

King David suddenly
felt awash in
physico-chaotic pseudohistoric slurps
so he stopped
squeezin' the cats
threw his hands.
He said, "Repeat
after me -- gauntlet
marshmallow stem." Yellow
marmot agreed. He
(Paulino) let jealousy
slide enormously all
over Clay City.
Unfurling all billowing
satisfied him for
at least a
spiral of "typical."
And "gingham" maybe
equals "lingham" minus
your royal harness
of rural linguistics
and re-entry physics. Scanty
red-nose type Albuquerque
sure don't make
our Lydia contented.
Never did. But
all the curveballs
are welcome here



Emphasized Presence
(Extra Persnickety)
"Exemplary Perfection"
Excoriated Pretense

Egg Peach
Eastern Pizzazz
Eclectic Platter
Easily Postmodern

Electrified Pleasure
Enabled Poets
Encompassed Provence
Escaped Predictability

Elegant Prickles
Ended Pre‘minent.





          Part I

Do it!
Love it!
Reach for its nameless irritability -- now!


           Part II

It could be this!


           Part II __

... or maybe that? ("it?) (huh?)


           Part III

But, really, you donŐt know what it is, at all,


          Part IV

do you! Yeah.

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     Do I like this line? (Please Post," etc.) ----------
     Hell, I don't care. ----------
     Remember that! -----------
     I canŐt stop.

     Look out!


(what is this?)