The 19th Anniversary Issue of Big Bridge -- Table of Contents


Riddling, by Jack Collom and Lyn Hejinian.


Ron Silliman Feature: Disappearing WYSIWYG Poetics and "From Universe"
Poems and Other Myths: A collection of spoken word poetry by women from Asia Edited by Aditi Angiras, Elaine Foster and Illya Sumanto
Greek Avant Garde Poetry , collected and edited by Panos Bosnakis
An Anthology of Contemporary Nepali Poetry Compiled and edited by Keshab Sigdel
Following Valente: An interview with poet-translator Peter Valente by Neeli Cherkovski
Poems by Daniel Bãnulescu Translated from Romanian by Adam J. Sorkin and Lidia Vianu
Poems from Fluid Fables by Hervé Le Tellier by Cole Swensen
Silhouettes: A Random Collection of Italian Translations by Dennis Formento
John Ashbery: The One of Fictive Music by Geoff Bouvier



Abigail Allen : Lace Curtain
J.R. Campbell : The Bad Teddy
William Locke Hauser : Dinner in the Gulch
Zak Block : A Dobbin's Woe
Ellis Hastings : Tower on the Horizon
Camille Meyer:
Love Snails
Twentysomething Lovers
Bag the Wind
Bum Lake
Weed Season
Mike Hogan : Abdullah Ular Indonesia
Jim Meirose : The Window in the Sky
S.C. Wahleyre : Thanksgiving at the Hotel Stella


Jim Cohn reviews Eliot Katz's The Poetry and Politics of Allen Ginsberg

Disrupting Space, Torii Shōzō's Bearded Cones and Pleasure Blades: The Collected Poems translated by Taylor Mignon. A review by Andrew Houwen

Down At The Deep End by Daniel Abdal-Hayy Moore, The Ecstatic Exchange 2012 reviewed by Louise Landes Levi. Review and tribute.

Anarchy for a Rainy Day, Poems and collage by Valery Oisteanu, A Review by Allan Graubard

Mary Child's review of translation of Shota Rustaveli's The Knight in the Panther Skin by Lyn Coffin


Antonia Alexandra Klimenko
Arpine Konyalian Grenier
Art Beck
Dan Encarnacion
Daniel Y. Harris
Gabor Gyukics
Jameela Nishat
Jeff Harrison
Jeffrey Cyphers Wright
John Swain
Kat Copeland
Liz Durand Goytia
Mark DuCharme
Mark Young
Maw Shein Win
Menka Shivdasani
Michael Castro
Mitko Gogov
Norman Dubie
Norman Fischer
Susan Lively
Ted Jean
Tisa Walden
Tom Hibbard
Tomas Sanchez Hidalgo
Zazil Alaíde Collins


"Asemic Writing" by Jay Snodgrass
"Mathematical Constructions" 17 Images by Jukka-Pekka Kervinen
"Detroit Proper" A Photo Essay by Michelle Brooks

Little Mags

Rivet: The Journal of Writing That Risks

F(r)iction : a tri-annual collection of fine art and literature printed by Tethered by Letters

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