Selected Poems II


Tomas Sanchez Hidalgo


brokerage, maturities,
bullish and bearish markets,
sharks, arbitration, overdarfts,
Euribor, Libor, Fibor, Mibor,
ruptures, risks, leverage,
and to make this wheel keep spinning,
the State Budget
on a brutal mismatch,
but please do not therefore deny 
(the medication he needs)
our son,
who could not find accommodation
in his penultimate battlefield;
to finally all of us admit 
that the man died as a planet.

Fever in Kabul

A man walks sickly under umbrella, and the storm is Sandy, according to CNN: it is a time to come, indeterminate; it is Kabul, in summer, maybe: World Water Monopoly flies (triumphant) this time on its carpets on, maybe, neighboring Persia: the Markets are not to take to suddenly turn upward.

The dog and the arrow

A dog is my dog, and he sees towards me an arrow: it departs swiftly, through the white smocks, reaching the arrow, and it avoids him, and he avoids the arrow. A dog is my dog, and chases an arrow: needle of worthy end to a good man, body of peace and cruel field of horizontal extermination (desired sword by the wild bull itself, which is the voice of its master). A dog is my dog, and he forgets an arrow, watering with his warm verb to the touch, like a dropper, a harsh plateau, barren: other lives, human and my own. My dog tries to regret an arrow, and the dog is a whole life, and in no life I turn into an arrow. My friend chased an arrow, and the arrow is beautiful.