Selected Poems II


Maw Shein Win

Lost Horse Valley

The horse is lost & the valley is long.

Needles from a Joshua tree. Chollo & ocotillo.

Quail, cadet gray.


Wire-lettuce. Antlion wings.

He passes into the valley.

Left behind: three containers of Quaker Oats, bitter black tea in a cup, empty 
suitcases tied together with twine. A dusty army cap on the kitchen counter. The youngest daughter clips his toenails as the monitor slows. Another daughter flies over the valley.


The bruise around the scar is magenta.
The magenta of frosted tea cakes in Switzerland.
The magenta of pain & suffering.
The magenta of majesty.
This scar is a mountain.
A mountain of abandoned zippers in the studio.
Majesty of pain. Magenta joy.
Hike the frosted peaks in the Alps.
Children high on sugar peeking through the trees.
Fingertips in the frosting. Caught in the zippers.
Magenta colored bruises.
Mercury is a state of mind.
A planet for children where frosted teacakes grow on trees.
Majesty of pain. Magenta scar.
Children running, running 
on a sugar high to the top 
of the magenta mountain.