Selected Poems II


Mark Young

A line from Conway Twitty


If we read between the

lines of many Hebraic

tomes we might find

vulnerable spots, areas of


fiscal weakness that poss-

ibly originate in obscure or

unexpressed messages carried

by caravans from space.

Three geographies:

Kew, Victoria


The incident on

Yarra Boulevard

was made

with tomatoes,

onion, & just a dash

of coriander.

Little Village


The flow increases &

becomes channelized,

causes a cheetah on the

prowl in the 26th Street

neighborhood to attack


& viciously maul a party

of retired Chicago Police

officers on their way to

the Pride Parade at

Octavio Paz School.


Khyber Pakhtunkhwa


The notion of a soufflé

gambolling through

sun deckled woods

recalls US-provided


images of drone

strikes on isolated

villages in Waziristan

that purport to


show that no

animals were harmed

in the filming of

the commercial.

Meanwhile, in Arkham


The eidolon in

the corner of the

corner store raises


a crusty eyebrow

when I enter to buy

some microwaved


croissants & coffee.

"I am H.P.Lovecraft,"

it calls. "Eat me."