Selected Poems II


Gabor Gyukics

Lost Goon Stick Seen At The Amalfi Coast

the surface of the sea 
is warped by the weight of cargo ships
around them the footsteps of Jesus	

rain beaten seagulls follow his path
nibbling on trash and occasional small fish
confused by the splash caused by the soles		
of his feet

the largest ship too
vanishes into oblivion				

your last chance is a fishnet
hanging from the waist of Jesus
forgotten by the children of lost fishermen

Guardian Angels

a pistol is held to your forehead		
in a bosky alley of the night

you search for the face behind the hand
as you wait for the click of the trigger

instead you see
the hand holding the gun pull back		

you take a deep breath
and when your lungs
fill up with the air of hope
a blow hits your temple

a stick-up
the thought enters you 
together with the pain

two men stand above you
kick your face
your groin
without rushing

one of them leans above you

"you little piece of crap
be happy
you still					

perspiring at you