Selected Poems II


Arpine Konyalian Grenier

from The Cables Set, The Light

- I have no frames for you but the room is ready 

plain curtains addicted to the ceiling light for fun 
for afternoon card table instinct to go with 
the arm and eyes software

	grab me and undo my sister

arms and eyes in the lean cellar and a slit in the cement I breathe
growing hairs for the historian for upgrade forcing the historian
to a do-it-yourself lease to inhabit profit
the overhang of its rule		
			    re-piping for love

	between us a correction sign

please don't leave the linoleum convenience of revenge - don't 
the linoleum sliver of moon seeking a shape just because 
the unseen portion weighs 

please call the manager (cold) for where it pulls the hollow 
like a priest or mule severed from its kind I need glue 
flashlight glue toilet paper and good scotch 
for the daily hempen hit and crushed 
cactus in my knees grooming 
the plaza bible church

		the town keeps quiet 

summer's pressed wheat 
		Remember Lord and have mercy/
		Lord have mercy

whereas the icon in my pocket randomly labels desire 
	don't leave as when I at 26 at 41

	fine the everlasting 

past coursing the wish for womb
we lost the dream cast for 

stones hanging the sky 

let's render it for ogled fingers (too crazy a thought)
cramping our joints sunset to sunrise (moon) 
our bellies blanched from roiling 
about what to beg for

when legend is handbook to a tall dark bookcase 
in the corner thrift store decos guarding   
the instrument irrelevant

it rules its own house past coursing for womb har! 
its attitude indicator pilfered from a wonk's 
debugging the clock we crafted then 
the notches now let's not move 
let's only watch the hands

you need Jesus #1 /carpools only 
grand avenue/ paper plastic 
har! har!

blood I produced but could not bid I know 
does not run the rule of the box/ install
install/shoot where only dust is Lord 
remember and have mercy Lord 

mercy down me for what you're left with
a cookie cutter's hands bathing 
our story red and suburbia 
red for songs protocol

		paper plastic leather


- would you do anything against your nature just to please me?
- but I have a basically pleasant nature

			you rule your own house

in sweat polished by the rain in this coop a neighborhood
rusted past light at pinpoint there the one in orange 
my hope under the eaves logged for some one 
room lodge the frame the whole world 

through a gate I bump up each cabin stair past one armed folks 
splitting logs on the old tree stump treated at the base 
my things divided flat - no restraint 

		knees bent in the bushes
		mites wind - no wind - -
			cuts god!

who would live in these woods the color of ground?? 

- you are nice when you're away then you come home and it's hell
- people are different in public is different from private 

	a view sky and pavement spin some lifetime ding 
	like pocket money opposing the sun’s requisite 

look at the two chairs by the kitchen counter stopped for color 
add the conclusion dust freely the bit of sound and then 
another candles-plates-wine or candles-wine or just 
candles and a public throat

there must be a public throat for the constriction 
behind the elongation on the white wall 
facing the super-agency 

- but art can be public or private

a radio rattles the announcer sometimes hoisting 
Frost's one luminary clock against the sky 
trees veiled with mosquitoes
out of water dizzy 

between us a correction sign 
labored for sign 

tell me of the possibilities of love -- not love -- how 
they spill a day's museum story how they growl
story after story dressed by motive or result
in classrooms in corridors 
					     the controls operators know 

they have built for themselves a museum
they’re also the curators

- but art can be public or private
- having given the self away completely 
so the good god and the snake god made me weighing mixing 
22 stoicheia as if finally vacuum has been dealt with 
lips turned like a pair of ticket stubs  
life in my pocket refluxed 
encounter with beauty 

			a carnival

and I bong blower cold cash on my mind proper
dispersing slowly putating the leisure to be 

	seen and noticed

- so the good god and the snake god made you weighing mixing 
  22 stoicheia as if -- 

we talk till morning beside us one cabbage two onions mushroom celery 
squash on the kitchen counter not in that order but close no sauces the
crunch the grind is enough I've done a good job cleaning the counter-
tops now I must be silly on the old piano to show talent after all they'll
allow me this no cooking no hoarding olives happening - green and later
black for djift-bread - have you had djift-bread? - it discharges routine
every time you swallow the djift-ed olives between us a correction sign I prop my feet - god is like this I say - and it dafts me ave solemnis a lump here a lump there the mercy seat in-between an unsuspected rain heads south in a box of questions tell me of the possibilities of love -- not love ave outside the billboards and they the trouble with endings I have not thanked them yet because I take them in still like an accordion in the hands of a village lad and it dafts me the communal the individual above the animal level ave I rehearse a tellurian beyond having served the reversible's right side and left side think of the job ahead the floaters the singsong for the invisible side dimmer and dimmer the wrestling is over they excuse the natural as final evidence of ties to home to the ruled page - count divided - two apostrophes an arrowmaker's moment still blue still American what would become of me when a train cancels my loneliness? there must be a chorus on the road as it turns to bland prestige big-hearted d-cellophane the heartland protecting l-cellophane in the pattern of roses a little slower than me - no prompt dazzle - just irresistible red burning before it expels a never a mere taste of tomorrow patterned after a knot in second position an I tilted by its dot one dot two then sharp the dot refracting mercy inclines 2 2 2 2 2 the industrial taste of angels suddenly bewitching the momentum skips the hour returned to me colubrine out there the breeze and nothing to do but walk towards just cause red the menu once more westerly seduced already the day was an accident before the recording of it the queen of blacks is ivory black diaspora has spread god = point and there's a common god out there mercy inclines an allowed void expansive and criminally phallic a stolen concession stand maintenance prone a singular jaw the speech raving its repetition at my feet the flesh day by day a parasecular rot - so why the gestures?? - the stakes are too high and I full of mascara flair my neck swaying (you must live your death) needles retaining the parts allude allude beyond the pale suspect of vinyl clouds vanishing a brave horse and I the transmission rented - so why the gestures - we will make this our gossip the traveler and the day traveled snip to the country's pound wandering by a straight tooth and cup and a neutral box trimmed for heart the late recognition no - I don't want to be that - are you all right? alright - what would become of me when a train cancels my loneliness over the aisle for should I?? that's how they made me on the 6th I named all on the 7th I laid with myself for 2 4 6 106 and I've had no day since then still the communal individual is naming the hum while the male bee waits to be crowned I have not thanked them yet because I take them in still a bull's ti bot taek into the snap decision for star now sallow now night the speaker/dreamer and not this and not that clattering the scar is unusual - spear forward/swing here pull back/ the postponement - why the gestures? - if it weren't for morning I'd stand as more of a life than the lie I'm dying in what country is this what year we're living for the weak give unreservedly to the strong dying for another pick another history the consensus of fist and hair room temperature let's fish up the mania there is a crack in the family bible signs from the denaturing redolent don't get involved says my social body scaffolder we enter museums one at a time to win - dot dot dot it was the ancien regime a dot screaming its leisure in a rush propping the rain (horses) the dead as dear and nothing balances this subsiding this corresponding the blame meanwhile horsing an hour's listening what I really need say a steadied -ness for late for – put yourself directly in line with the letters - cool - rush - red - bullet red - not that either – behind each cross without a hill drop off blindfold the tongues as they’d raised yesterdays lift a single head forever referring to its otherwise lowered thinking of the low low do you understand my English even though English is not second language to me - sorry to disappoint the letters the banner sliding the angles slicing the mind for beat menu the lure of its gossip outlines a highly cued social gesture a final ‘pin the donkey's tail’ (invisible?) for successful theater transgressions Nietzsche no crosses without being named - why menu then? trauma of nature provides - something is wrong with the lever the more I uncoil the thicker around me the birds between the uncoiling the crack uneven dogma the little boy's eyes cracking light grossly constantly the schooler's mind only parts of that predicting factorial what we say to each other because of this dispense the taxonomy of every bite later dispensed eye locating how we das ist zu massiv dictated the heart the oppressor tall young willing to shift as emeth becomes meth the verb the eyes aleph erased - why maintain beat then? because you and I spring again the planets willing fragments of desire season to season but not quite for the lesser the desire the firmer the commit to break away slowly from the disappearing title girl not yet in the text all that is us now though uncivil how ruby locked the woods how beaten and bent the lake the address of the lake a garrulous canvas dictates the managed cracks (manage) womb – managed counterpoint - the unfurling patterns what I mean what song is common lot - be it lively hazy kitten blinking at the sky for a 21st wind count below some lost icon withering a legal back dots to lift the half issue chained to our pack of hierarchies color - shape - clarity - the confrontation in an old car by the park trauma of dismembered s/p/d belts do it enough but on a map lit again and again Adam reduced to a negative railing for the benefit of mmmmmmnight keep the shirt down something is wrong with the lever - ora et labora transgresses Lord! - why maintain beat then? couched in an estimate the missing functions certainly the ode (save it hide it) a lobster's wonderlust? in good time the question strophed an embrace an image followed the loss of a safer idea like a hapless coloratura part damned part Matissean menu\ virgin\ son or daughter to the blind the transparency a cane and tricks godless deeper in menu the character of the word begging menu shifting for further signifying of m---- on either side the skies so letter quality still none telling much this hour of clown with no social position raking the streets' duende the color white the filling (tear) that's why we that's why when we wish to die we pierce the illusion of fit the transparency breeds trauma of dream of nature of Nietzsche dream of Nietzsche (title girl not yet in the text) what soggy wit culled from such angel please malgre lui we have to do her over so she looks sequenced un grand avorté we cannot give thanks to it's too much to give day follows day foppish understand - my outlines watching me earn my dowry then lose it - dad says how is mom says your brother doesn't want you around you give him ideas Traumeri the deletions I will not look for my ancestors’ table salt no more.