Selected Poems II


Antonia Alexandra Klimenko

Girls' Night Out

I tried to avoid the draft                                                                           
instead I stayed to serve
radio dinners in their aluminum coffins
(all short orders)
sex--the main
love-- the side
blues on tap
"And how would you like
your brown-eyed baby girl?"  I dished,
wiping the spit-shine from my tits
"Sunny-side up  
over easy?"
"Easy," you groaned--
 consciousness slipping from its zip-lock bag--
 Nirvana, now only
 the name of a rock band
"Easy, huh"
me, brushing flies from your lips-
the stench of the heart like rare steak gone bad--
your boyhood buddy cooling in the freezer
I tried to avoid leaving
but you left me left and right 
left  right  left
Your teeth and their chattering infantry are still marching 
When you make it as far as the living room
send me a telegram, won't you?
Till then,
please consult your manual for further instructions
The baby's in the oven
the napalm's in the fridge