Poems and Other Myths:

A collection of spoken word poetry by women from Asia.


Jumana Ibrahim


Preach to me, Baghdadi,
I am uneducated in the rules of war.
Read to me scriptures from the
Book of Jihad.
Will I glimpse Allah's noor in the
Eyes of those drawing their last breath?
Will their fading light be mine?
Will I hear the azan in the deafening?
Shrieks of the slaughtered?
How many lifeless do I leave behind
For my seventy-two virgins?
Since masturbation is haram, can I rape instead?
Talk to me, Baghdadi.
I am uneducated in the rules of war.
The Prophet (peace be upon him) spoke of
Love, generosity and kindness.
Thank you for showing me that true love is love for only
Allah, true generosity is imparting this love on the world
Through all means necessary
And true kindness is ridding the world of the loveless.
Humor me, Baghdadi.
I am uneducated in the rules of war.
You have erected Islam on the pillar of Jihad,
Where once stood five, now stands one.
I do not want Islam to topple,
But it seems to me that
That is what you have done.
Oh explain to me, Baghdadi.
I am but uneducated.
If this war is holy,
Why am I covered in sin?