Greek Avant Garde Poetry


Demosthenes Davettas

From   In the Mirror of Orpheus

Every time astronauts of passion
lose communication amongst themselves,
it is through the body
that they seek to find once more their point of reference. 

Without your recognisable ornaments
you are but a dot that takes on the colour of the universe.

Logic endures better than passion...
Passion, however, yields more miracles.

In moments of fertility
you cannot speak a word about the past.

Even from afar, the model of the poet
continues to pose for him.

The closer you are to me, the larger the space becomes.

Your shadow remained glued upon the white moon.

Genius is born where ego ends.

I am what I see and feel, and whatever escapes
the limits of these two verbs.

Infinite calm is not a trait of nature.

Live like a natural phenomenon even if
it has not yet been observed.

Tears can fertilise even
the most sterile part of the earth.

I write to restrain that which eludes me and to restrain myself from it.

Truth is beyond the limits of reality.

Each moment, I see things as if for the first time — could it be that the world is continuously 
born or that it does not fit entirely in my vision? Every surprise is one more extension of self-admiration. May you think emotionally and may you feel thoughtfully. You say that each time you express an emotion it delays you. From what? I've lost my sense of orientation. Perhaps there is no direction? I was built by many things and many more that have yet to be realised. The marvellous nothing (note: and I am not a nihilist). The fact that you love only matter means that you never knew your father.

(translation from Greek by Vanessa Wildenstein)