An Anthology of Contemporary Nepali Poetry

Sandhya Pahari

Prayer to God

Don't give me another life
If the dead bodies and weapons
Have to glisten everywhere like this!
Never bliss me with immortality!
We are only tiny particles of particles
We are fractions of fractioned moments. 
But, even in such times
We knew how to kill
We knew how to die
But never knew who we were. 
We traded with such vicious deaths
That even death, frightened
Did not come to buy death. 
My Lord,
Don't give me poison's possession
Nor give any jar of nectar,
Don't give me any height, listen my God,
Among people who placed their pride
Their ego above everything else,
Don't give me position
Higher than any ordinary man,
Man is being less of a man, 
But is calling himself very powerful. 
He has no passion of faith
Nor any desire for salvation,
He is becoming a lifeless statue
In the posture of luxurious persona. 
A bestial civilization and culture is saying-
In man there is only one illusion
Of becoming a voluptuous beast with no vitality;
For that reason, oh my Lord,
Free me from the very shape of man
Make me rather
Innocent fawn that fearlessly
Roams the jungles,
Perhaps that will be
Your greatest blessings to me
That will deep down
Touch my human essence.
		(Translated from Nepali by Abhi Subedi)