An Anthology of Contemporary Nepali Poetry

Rajeshwor Karki

Storm in the Void!

In the emptiness of the motionless life
Unseasonal storm blew the roof of the house
I am busy arranging the roof...

This moment
Envious neighbuors
Pumping the sentiments at an imbalanced distance
Are supporting me
For me being a poet
My close friends
Who sarcastically greet me in every meetings
Are sorry for me
In tune to myself
But I am not unhappy for the blown roof
But experiencing ecstasy
As if, the breathe of love in pain alone
Makes me wonder struck...vibrates me...!

In a way, like the beauty of the elephant's tusks
I find the neighbours' feelings pleasant
More pleasant are their gaze
In my motionless void
Even when it is a 'storm'
I find it very pleasant. 

In fact, if there were no hands to throw the stones
How would have Laila-Majnu story stuck in the heart!
If Sita had not been asked for agniparikshya
Ramayana would not have been "Ramayana" as such!
If the crooked transition was not forged through the lines: 'Aswathama hatohata'*
The climax of "Mahabharata" would have not always remained so!

I feel proud
Among the envious neighbours
And the sarcastic gaze of the friends
Amidst the angry storm of life that keeps changing its form
Like the rare music of Binayo-Murchunga 
I am in the vibrant existence of the barbed wire 
         that could not produce music all its life.

In a way,
With all heavenly beauties as gifts
By spreading magical colour through the light
Direct from the heaven
Towards my bent palms like the paintings of the designed cart on earth
Even the rainbow of illusion looks so pleasant!
In my motionless void
Even when it is a 'storm'
I find it very pleasant!

		(Translated from Nepali by Keshab Sigdel)

* Aswathama hatohata is a Sanskrit phrase from the epic Mahabharata which means 'Aswathama is dead.'