An Anthology of Contemporary Nepali Poetry

Madhav Ghimire

Like Man Divine

I know this world's but a splendid shadow
Still, I gather here both joy and sorrow. 
I fear the dewdrop breaks if I pluck it
If not, the morning ray may absorb it
This dilemma puts me into a trance
I see the loveliest in creation's dance. 
A thousand petals bear the flower's bonds
Far weaker should be the bonds of the heart
And yet bound up for life in my love's bonds
I still see nothing sweeter than the heart.
The star's sight of the world surpasses mine
The ray's paint on a bloom puts to shame my pen
I strive from nothing to create a heaven
And yet I find nothing like man divine. 

		(Translated from Nepali by Shreedhar Lohani)

Rupa Rani

She lifts a palm full of water, delicious, inviting,
sees her face on the water, and thinks, 'This is 

Shall I drink this water myself? She thinks. 
With water will I swallow this image of myself?
She thinks.

Shall I splash this palm full of water on to the floor?
Will my image spill, scatter all over the floor?

Hands quiver, water falls on the flower.
It opens, blossoms, looks like Rupa Rani, my love. 

		(Translated from Nepali by Pallav Ranjan)