An Anthology of Contemporary Nepali Poetry

Bishnu Bibhu Ghimire

The Flute of Life Played a Different Tune!

1. What a solace it would be
if troubles were
They would all
sell in the market;
a bright glow would be there
in the eyes then,
spring would always bloom
on lips
the obligations of my servitude wouldn't weep
the flute of life would play a different tune!
But when
troubles become beautiful
will any of them stay with me?
My troubles would
become others'
and none of them
would remain with me.
Someone else would grow richer
by keeping troubles on sale.

2. What a solace it would be
if dreams were
All sweet dreams of the present
would sell in the market.
neither would my time coarse me
nor would my obligations enslave me.
neither would my boss be God,
nor would my office a temple.
how modestly would
those who cherish realities against dream
stand with folded hands
in front of beautiful dreams!
the moment
dreams become reality,
they would slip off the hands.
Would then dreams
smile with me anymore?
Buying every bit of them,
someone else would get honored!

3. What a solace it would be
if imaginations were
All waves of imaginations
that exist at present
would sell in the marketplace.
to my children
I would become an ideal father
to my wife
I would ever be the apple of eyes,
in fact,
I would be counted a promising child
in the eyes of my parents!
how many songs of praise
the vain, sandy hearts of reality,
and synthetic, formal minds of actuality
would sing, to please my imaginations!
How much they would pray!
But the moment
imaginations become real
no imagination would stay with me!
Would, any of it,
keep its company with me?
All beautiful musings
of the present
would go to someone else
and probably 
someone would become their master,
placing them on sale!

		(Translated from Nepali by Mahesh Poudyal)