Ron Silliman Disappearing WYSIWYG Poetics and "From Universe"

Poems and Other Myths: A collection of spoken word poetry by women from Asia
Edited by Aditi Angiras, Elaine Foster and Illya Sumanto

An Anthology of Contemporary Nepali Poetry
Compiled and edited by Keshab Sigdel. Painting by Chirag Bangdel

Poems by Daniel Bãnulescu
Translated from Romanian by Adam J. Sorkin and Lidia Vianu

Poems from Fluid Fables by Hervé Le Tellier by Cole Swensen

Silhouettes: A Random Collection of Italian Translations by Dennis Formento

Selected Poems II   Edited by Mohammad Zindaki

Antonia Alexandra Klimenko           Arpine Konyalian Grenier          
Art Beck           Dan Encarnacion          
Daniel Y. Harris           Gabor Gyukics          
Jameela Nishat           Jeff Harrison          
Jeffrey Cyphers Wright           John Swain          
Kat Copeland           Liz Durand Goytia          
Mark DuCharme           Mark Young          
Maw Shein Win           Menka Shivdasani          
Michael Castro           Mitko Gogov          
Norman Dubie           Norman Fischer          
Susan Lively           Ted Jean          
Tisa Walden           Tom Hibbard          
Tomas Sanchez Hidalgo           Zazil Alaíde Collins