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The Journal of Writing That Risks features literary work that takes risks with form and content, revels in the unexpected; and rewards with imagination and insight. Rivet showcases diverse voices from established and emerging authors, whose work might be called experimental, surreal, hybrid, genre-bending, or uncategorizable. Rivet is published online three times per year by Red Bridge Press.

Representative Works

What I Might Carry in the Small Cave of My Mouth
By MK Chavez - Poetry

The Whole World Is Wrinkled Like Elephant Skin
By Aimee Herman - Poetry

Dr. Gorgonzola of the Ripening Caves
By Tantra Bensko - Fiction

Beige Girl Problems
By Gyasi Byng - Nonfiction

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Friction Covers

F(r)iction Series is a tri-annual collection of fine art and literature printed by Tethered by Letters (TBL), a literary nonprofit and independent publisher. Each issue of F(r)iction strives to challenge conventions of the literary world, featuring work that shatters boundaries of style and genre—work that may otherwise fall through the cracks of the literary industry.

In each issue, the editors of F(r)iction aim to publish brand new talent alongside bestselling, award-winning writers, providing a springboard from which new authors can enter the publishing industry. Every issue also includes an author spotlight, which features an interview with a bestselling debut author and a full chapter from their first published novel. The editor-in-chief also reviews this book, creating a comprehensive and engaging look at a new writer's publishing experience.

While they continue to print traditional literary fiction and poetry, F(r)iction also encourage speculative work—sci-fi, fantasy, horror, and so forth. They strive to publish writing that challenges readers, writing that reminds them of how powerful and engaging great stories can be.

Every poem, short story, and flash fiction is complemented by custom full-color illustrations. F(r)iction believes that reading should offer a multi-sensory experience, and aims to imbue its pages with art as compelling as the words within. F(r)iction employ a stellar international art team with a wide variety of styles and aesthetics, making the art in F(r)iction wonderfully rich and diverse.

Fusing art and literature, F(r)iction also includes a graphic short story in every issue. The editors deeply appreciate the graphic medium as a legitimate form of storytelling and are devoted to showcasing all the brilliance of contemporary comic art. As a product of Tethered by Letters, F(r)iction also features writing from one of TBL's many organizational partners, fulfilling its nonprofit mission by highlighting voices that may otherwise go unheard.

F(r)iction is dedicated to changing the face of literary journals—illuminating the splendor of full-color artwork, writing that takes risks, and stories that deserve to be written. The objective is to do something truly different, something new and exciting and original—something that can't help but make a little literary friction.


Tethered By Letters

Representative Works