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Jumana Ibrahim Jumana Ibrahim is eighteen. The pen is mightier than the sword for those who know how to wield it's power. She is a Potterhead all the way and can appreciate a good Bukowski - anytime and anywhere.  
Elaine Foster Elaine Foster is spoken word poet and poetry educator. Founder of poetry collective, Poetry Café KL, Elaine has performed on many stages and festivals throughout Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, and the UK. She also designs and facilitates issue based drama workshops and develops and directs spoken word theatre performances for both children and adults. Elaine is a huge advocate for poetry education and through her work, continues to push poetry into schools in Malaysia using poetry slam while simultaneously creating platforms for poets to professionalise and develop their art and teaching practices. Elaine has also given talks on the subjects of poetry and activism and as an activist and advocate for gender equality, she has been invited many times to perform her poetry to speak about issues important to her.  
Alk Gian Alk Gian (Alkiviadis Giannopoulos) (1896-1981) was an early Futurist poet in Italy with F. T. Marinetti where he published the review "Freccia Futurista" and wrote an unpublished poetry collection "Faville a battute di musica" (=Sparks to Beats of Music). In 1917 he returned to Greece and published poetry, short stories and novels. His books include: Heads in a Row- Eleven stories (1934), An Heroic Adventure (1938), The Forest with the Apes (1944), The Jar Pit (1950), A Blind Man's Bluff (1962), Seven Unending Stories (1974), The Assembly; Seven Strange Stories (1981), The Salamander (1957), Poems (1978).  
Arpine Konyalian Grenier Arpine Konyalian Grenier is an independent scholar and poet, author of four collections: St. Gregory's Daughter; Whores from Samarkand; Part, Part, Euphrates; The Concession Stand: Exaptation at the Margins. Her poetry and translations have appeared in numerous publications including Columbia Poetry Review, The Iowa Review and anthologies by Two Ravens Press and Eyecorner Press (forthcoming). She lives and writes in Los Angeles.  
Anastasios Kozaitis Anastasios Kozaitis is a poet who was born and grew up in New Jersey. He received his undergraduate degree in philosophy from Northeastern University and an MFA from Bennington College. He is one of the co-founders of the international literary journal, compost magazine, which was founded in Jamaica Plain, Boston, Massachusetts in 1992 and was in production for nearly 10 years.  
Jukka-Pekka Kervinen Jukka-Pekka Kervinen is a Finnish composer, writer and visual artist. He is mainly working with computer-assisted systems, mostly programmed himself, for creating various systems and procedures to create his artistic activities.
Photo of artist by Suvi Kervinen.
Dan Georgakas Dan Georgakas began publishing poetry in the 1960s. He was included in 31 New American Poets (Hill & Wang, 1969) and has been frequently anthologized since that time. His poems have been translated into Greek, German, and Italian. He has published two chapbooks: And Living Things Their Children and Third Red Stars, and edited Z, an anthology of revolutionary poetry.  
Dean Kostos Dean Kostos's collections include This Is Not a Skyscraper (recipient of the Benjamin Saltman Poetry Award, selected by Mark Doty), Rivering, Last Supper of the Senses, The Sentence That Ends with a Comma, and Celestial Rust. He co-edited Mama's Boy: Gay Men Write about Their Mothers and edited Pomegranate Seeds: An Anthology of Greek-American Poetry (its debut reading was held at the United Nations).
His work has appeared in over 300 journals, including The Bangalore Review (India), Boulevard, Chelsea, Cimarron Review, The Cincinnati Review, Mediterranean Poetry (Sweden), Southwest Review, Stand Magazine (UK), Vanitas, Western Humanities Review, and on Oprah Winfrey's website His libretto, Dialogue: Angel of Peace, Angel of War, was performed by Voices of Ascension. His literary criticism has appeared on the Harvard University Press website and Talisman. A multiple Pushcart-Prize nominee, and a finalist for the Gival and Jot Speak (UK) awards, he has taught at Wesleyan, The Gallatin School, and CUNY. His poem "Subway Silk" was translated into a film and screened in Tribeca and at San Francisco's IndieFest.
Dimitris Lyacos Dimitris Lyacos (b. 1966) is a contemporary Greek poet and playwright. He is the author of the Poena Damni trilogy. Renowned for its genre-defying form and the avant-garde combination of themes from literary tradition with elements from ritual, religion, philosophy and anthropology, Lyacos's work reexamines grand narratives in the context of some of the enduring motifs of the Western Canon. Poena Damni, is arranged around a cluster of concepts including the scapegoat, the quest, the return of the dead, redemption, physical suffering, and mental illness. Lyacos's characters are always at a distance from society as fugitives, like the narrator of Z213: Exit, outcasts in a dystopian hinterland like the characters in With the people from the bridge, or marooned, like the protagonist of The First Death whose struggle for survival unfolds on a desertlike island. Classified as postmodern and cross-genre, Poena Damni is referred to as one of the salient examples of the fragmentation technique — despite, however, its postmodern affinities, it is also construed in line with the High Modernist tradition setting aside the postmodern playfulness for a serious and earnest handling of the subject. Lyacos was born and raised in Athens where he studied Law. From 1988-1991 he lived in Venice, then moved to London, studied philosophy at University College London and stayed there for thirteen years.
He currently shares his time between Berlin and Athens. In 1984, he set about writing the first installment of what would later become the Poena Damni trilogy. The work, in its current form, developed as a work in progress over the course of thirty years with subsequent editions and excerpts appearing in journals around the world, as well as in dialogue with a diverse range of sister projects it inspired — drama, contemporary dance, video and sculpture installations, photography, opera and contemporary music. So far the trilogy has been translated into six major languages and is extensively performed across Europe and the United States. In its unique style that conflates poetry with prose and resisting classification, Poena Damni is one of the leading examples of contemporary writing coming from Europe and the most recent Greek literary work that has achieved international reputation. He is a Fellow at the International Writing Program, University of Iowa. A second edition of Z213: Exit will appear in a revised English translation in the autumn of 2016.
Dimitris A. Kakavelakis Dimitris A. Kakavelakis is an avant-garde poet who has published several poetry books and some dramas. His poetry is very original and authentic and mixes different styles from performative and visual to language and meta-realist poetics. Some of his books include The Island, Massa Confusa, Tyrannies, You, Abyss, and Naked Body etc.  
George Kalamaras George Kalamaras served as Poet Laureate of Indiana (2014-2016) and is the author of fourteen books of poetry, seven of which are full-length, including Kingdom of Throat-Stuck Luck, winner of the Elixir Press Poetry Prize (2011), and The Theory and Function of Mangoes, winner of the Four Way Books Intro Series (2000). He is Professor of English at Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne, where he has taught since 1990.  
Michel Fardoulis-Lagrange Michel Fardoulis-Lagrange (1910-1994) was a philosophical and surrealist Greek-French poet, writer and philosopher. He was born in Alexandria, Egypt, and started publishing from a very young age in the Greek literary magazines of Egypt. Fardoulis and Cavafy are considered the best Greek poets of Alexandria. In 1929 he arrived in Paris where he spent most of his life. In Paris he joined the Communist Party and fought against Nazism in Greece. He was imprisoned in Greece during the war. Hailed by great contemporaries, Artaud, Bataille, Eluard, Jacob and Leiris, Michel Fardoulis wrote several books in French. Some of his books are the following: Novels Sébastien, l’enfant et l’orange, Volonté d’impuissance, Le Grand objet extérieur, Le Texte inconnu, Les Hauts Faits, Au Temps de Benoni, Les Caryatides et l’Albinos, Memorabilia, L’Observance du même, Théodicée. Short-stories and nouvelles Les Années solennelles, chroniques , Goliath, Les Voix (fragment de Memorabilia), gravures de Matta, G.B. ou un ami présomptueux, Elvire, figure romantique, Apologie de Médée, L’Inachèvement, Théorbes et bélières, gravure de Matta, Les Enfants d’Édom. Poetry Prairial, Par devers toi.  
Mihalis Katsaros Mihalis Katsaros (1921-1998) was a neo-surrealist and beat poet and painter. He published many books of poetry such as Messolonghi, Prova and Odes, 4 Mazino, Less Eggs, Korrekt-the Poet's Fear, Names, ABC-Poems A to ?, 3M+3M=6M, and Nine to Seven etc.  
Mimis Lymberakis Mimis Lymberakis (1880-1967) was a Greek aestheticist and cosmopolitan poet who during his life published only a chapbook "Childrens' Hymns" in 15 copies for his close friends. He was well esteemed by his fellow contemporary poets. Kosmas Politis dedicates his novel "Eroica" to him and his hero by the name 'Klemes' is Lymberakis himself. Most of his work remains unpublished.  
Nicholas Komodore Nicholas Komodore is a Greek poet, filmmaker, photographer and self-taught architect from Athens, currently living and working in Oakland. In 2011, Nicholas started Mayakovsky Platform, a collaborative framework on architecture, poetics and direct action in which he also publicizes the development of his theoretical work that he calls Amphoterics. Recent collaborations and permutations of the platform include legendary dancer/choreographer Anna Halprin, dance artist Margit Galanter, poets Heidi Tomoe, Lara Durback and Brian Ang, visual artists Eliza Alexandropoulou and Christina Kamma, composers Bill Noertker and Dusan Chae and experimental projects Inverz, B.R.A.C. and Raspberry Fields. His poetries have appeared in the anthology It's night in San Francisco but it's sunny in Oakland and the journals Lana Turner, ARMED CELL, Tripwire, Left Curve, The Claudius App and Cordite Poetry Review.  
Patrick Lafcadio Hearn Patrick Lafcadio Hearn (1850-1904) known also by his Greek full name Patricios Lefkadios Kassimatis Hearn and his later Japanese name Koizumi Yakumo was a legendary author of Greek diaspora who wrote many books in English and Japanese. He lived a difficult life in Greece, Ireland, USA and Japan. Some of his books include: Glimpses of Unfamiliar Japan (1894), Out of the East: Reveries and Studies in New Japan (1895), Kokoro: Hints and Echoes of Japanese Inner Life (1896), Gleanings in Buddha-Fields: Studies of Hand and Soul in the Far East (1897), The Boy who Drew Cats (1897), Exotics and Retrospectives (1898), Japanese Fairy Tales (1898, and sequels), In Ghostly Japan (1899), Shadowings (1900), Japanese Lyrics (1900), A Japanese Miscellany (1901), Kottō: Being Japanese Curios, with Sundry Cobwebs (1902), Kwaidan: Stories and Studies of Strange Things (1903, later made into the movie Kwaidan by Masaki Kobayashi).  
Yiorgos Likos Yiorgos Likos (1920-2000) was a poet affiliated with the Surrealists. His books include:The Peninsula, Four Masks of the Wind, and Twenty-Five Stationaries.  
Daniel Y. Harris Daniel Y. Harris is the author of The Rapture of Eddy Daemon (forthcoming from Cervena Barva Press, 2016), The Underworld of Lesser Degrees (NYQ Books, 2015), Esophagus Writ (with Rupert M. Loydell, The Knives Forks and Spoons Press, 2014), Hyperlinks of Anxiety (Cervena Barva Press, 2013), The New Arcana (with John Amen, New York Quarterly Books, 2012), Paul Celan and the Messiah's Broken Levered Tongue (with Adam Shechter, Cervena Barva Press, 2010; picked by The Jewish Forward as one of the 5 most important Jewish poetry books of 2010) and Unio Mystica (Cross-Cultural Communications, 2009). Some of his poetry, experimental writing, art, and essays have been published in BlazeVOX, Denver Quarterly, E·ratio, European Judaism, Exquisite Corpse, The New York Quarterly, Notre Dame Review, In Posse Review, The Pedestal Magazine, Poetry Magazine, Poetry Salzburg Review and Stride. He is the Editor-in-Chief of X-Peri.  
Ellis Hastings Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, Ellis Hastings considers himself a "writer of all things unsettling". He primarily writes horror and some science fiction. Two of his horror stories titled "Spider Kingdom" and "Father Chambers' Demonic Tour" have been published in the ezine "Schlock!" In addition to being an avid writer, Ellis also reads around twenty-five to forty books a year. Most of them are either horror or science fiction to help him learn more about the genre that had captured his heart when he was a child. Ellis Hastings is a true student of the craft.  
Dennis Formento Dennis Formento , (Louisiana poet, 1954-- ) lives in Slidell, LA, near Bayou Bonfouca. Formento is the author of Cineplex (Paper Press, 2014,) Looking for An Out Place (FootHills Publishing, 2010) and a handful of chapbooks and broadsides. Since 2011 he has been organizing local readings in New Orleans and in Covington, LA for 100,000 Poets for Change, a world-wide movement for progressive social change, cultural exchange, peace and ecological sustainability. An interview with Dennis by Greek writer Michael Limnios (Blues.Gr) is available here:  
Gabor G Gyukics Gabor G Gyukics (b. 1958) I'm a Hungarian-American poet, literary translator, author of 7 books of original poetry, 4 in Hungarian, 2 in English, 1 in Bulgarian and 11 books of translations including A Transparent Lion, selected poetry of Attila József in English and an anthology of North American Indigenous poets in Hungarian. I write my poems in English (which is my second language) and Hungarian. I had lived in Holland for two years before moving to the United States where I had lived between 1988 and 2002. At present, I live in the isle of Csepel in Budapest, Hungary. My latest book titled a hermit has no plural was published by Singing Bone Press in the fall of 2015. Along writing, I participate in monthly jazz poetry events that usually I organize.(Photo by Erika Pereszlényi)  
Jeff Harrison Jeff Harrison has publications from Writers Forum, MAG Press, Persistencia Press, White Sky Books, and Furniture Press. He has e-books from BlazeVOX, xPress(ed), Argotist Ebooks, and Chalk Editions. His poetry has appeared in An Introduction to the Prose Poem (Firewheel Editions), The Hay(na)ku Anthology Vol. II (Meritage Press), The Chained Hay(na)ku Project (Meritage Press), Sentence: a Journal of Prose Poetics, Otoliths, Xerography, Moria, Calibanonline, Coconut, Eccolinguistics, unarmed, Word For Word, and elsewhere.  
Liz Durand Goytia Liz Durand Goytia Liz Durand Goytia, Orizaba, Veracruz 1955. A poet and visual artist, Liz has published: Caja de Colores, Cincelar el tiempo, Alrededores del Perdón, Poemas en un Cuaderno and the compilation of short stories: Mujeres que Cuentan. Her work has been included in varios anthologies in Mexico, Cuba, Uruguay, Argentina, Germany, and has been translated to Portuguese and German. She teaches creative writing and visual arts workshops in Ensenada, Baja California.  
Louise Landes Levi Louise Landes Levi is a poet/musician - translator/traveler. A founding member of Daniel Moore's Floating Lotus Magic Opera Company, Americas lst fusion orchestra, she traveled overland & alone, to Afghanistan, in the late 1960s & India, via Istanbul, Tabriz, Mashed, Herat, Khandahar, Kabul, Peshawar, Rawalpundi and Lahore in order to study North Indian sangeet (classicalmusic) and poetic tradition. Several translations were subsequently accomplished: fr. the Middle Hindi of Mira bai, an archetypal singer-saint of the 16th century (Sweet On My Lips: The Love Poems of Mira Bai, Cool Grove Press, 1997 & 2003) & fr. the French of Rene Daumal - his classic study of Indian Aesthetics RASA (New Directions 1982) & Henri Michaux (Toward Totality - Selected Poems, Shivastan, 2006). Over the last decades she has published more than a dozen books of poetry and autobiographical prose, including Avenue A & Ninth Street (Shivastan, 2004), Uvasi & Mohammed (Il Bagatto, 2005), Banana Baby (with facing Italian translations by Alessandro Tuoni, Super Nova, 2006), The Book L (Cool Grove Press, 2010), Love Cantos, 1-5 (Jack In Your Box, 2011). & forthcoming, Crazy Louise or la Conversazione Sacra (Station Hill Press, 2016) Her electronic chapbooks can be accessed at the web site Big Bridge. She also releases instrumental and spoken word recordings, most recently: From the Ming Oracle (Sloow Tapes & Sloow Wax booklet) & City of Delirium (Special Award Records). When not performing, she travels between two rooms, one in Astoria NYC, and one in an abandoned hotel in Castel del Piano, Gr. Italy.  
Michael Paul Hogan Born in London, Michael Paul Hogan is a journalist, poet and literary essayist whose work has appeared extensively in the US, UK, India and China. His latest collection of poems, Chinese Bolero, a collaboration with the contemporary Chinese painter Li Bin, was published in September 2015.  
Mitko Gogov Born in Skopje, Macedonia, Mitko Gogov is a conceptual artist, poet, blogger, youth worker and civil activist.
His work has been been published and and translated in several anthologies, collections and literary journals in India, Pakistan, Philippines, USA, Russia, Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Check Republic, Germany, Serbia, Croatia, Albania, and Bulgaria ... His first poetry collection, "Ice Water", was published in Serbia in 2011, and in Macedonia in 2014 in the edition "Fires" for the publishing house "Antolog", supported by the Ministry of Culture.
He is President of the Association for cultural development and protection of cultural heritage "Kontext - Strumica" and organizer of the international movement and festival "100 Thousand poets for change" in Macedonia, Strumica. CEO & founder of the internet portal and one of the editors at the ezine for culture and literature
Norman Fischer Norman Fischer is a Zen Buddhist priest and abbot, founder of the Everyday Zen Foundation ( He has published more than twenty books of poetry and prose, the latest of which is a collection of essays "Experience: Thinking, Writing, Language and Religion." Forthcoming from Chax Press in 2016 is his collection of one line poems "any would be if."  
Banira Giri Banira Giri (b. 1946) is one of the most influential anti-establishment female voices in Nepal. She is the author of poetry and essay collections including Karagar (Prison), Mero Aviskar (My Invention), and Sabdatit Shantanu (Unexplainable Shantanu). She became the first Nepali woman to be awarded a PhD from Tribhuvan University, for her work on the revolutionary Nepali poet, Gopal Prasad Rimal. The force and intention of his anti-establishment voice animates much of her own writing.  
Bishnu Bibhu Ghimire Bishnu Bibhu Ghimire (b. 1953) is a poet, novelist and a playwright. His published works include Kathgharama ubhiyera (Standing before the court, 1991), Kanda kandama tekera (Stepping on the thorny path, 1999) among others. He also is one of the editors of two volumes of anthologies of contemporary Nepali poetry published by Nepal Academy. He received his PhD on the culture of Rajbansi ethnic tribe of Nepal. Currently, he is the Vice-chancellor of Nepal Academy.  
Madhav Ghimire Madhav Ghimire (b. 1919) is among the last of the older generation of poets in Nepal. Ghimire was the Vice Chancellor of the Royal Nepal Academy from 1979 to 1988 and Chancellor from 1988 to 1990. In terms of popularity, excellence and acclaim, Ghimire is considered a source of inspiration in Nepali Literature. Some of his most praised pieces are Aphnai bansuri aphnai gita, Asvatthama:gitinatak, Gauri, Indrakumari, Rajesvari, and Rashtra-nirmata.  
Antonia Alexandra Klimenko Antonia Alexandra Klimenko is the Writer/Poet in Residence at SpokenWord Paris. Widely published,. her poems are included in XXI Century World Literature ( in which she represents France), The Poets' Quest for God, CounterPunch, Van Gogh's Ear, Occupy Wall Street Anthology (in which she is distinguished as an American Poet) and Maintenant. Journal of Contemporary Dada Writing and Art archived at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C. and New York's Museum of Modern Art.  
Manju Kanchuli Manju Kanchuli (b. 1951) is the author of the poetry collections My Life, My World and Inside and Outside Eyelids and also two short story collections Some Love, Some Differences and Stories by Kanchuli. She is the co-translator with Wayne Amtzis of Two Sisters: The Poetry of Benju Sharma and Manju Kanchuli. She is honoured with the life membership of Nepal Academy.  
Ammaraj Joshi Ammaraj Joshi is the author of a collection of poems Man and River (2012) and a collection of short stories A Nights Drama (2008). He is a PhD in environmental literature and is currently the Chair of the Central Department of English at Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu. He also attended Iowa Writing Program at Iowa University, USA.  
Momila Joshi Momila Joshi is an acclaimed poet and essayist. Her published works include Painyu Phulna thalepachhi, Junkiriharu Orlirahechhan, Ishwor ko adalatma outsiderko bayan among others. She is the editor of a comprehensive anthology of modern Nepali poetry The Dancing Soul of Sagarmatha. She is also the editor of Kalashree, an annual literary magazine, and an online literary portal .  
Rajeshwor Karki Rajeshwor Karki (b. 1956) is an author of a volume of poetry Mero kavitako antim pristha (2005) with its English translation The Last Page of My Poems (2010). He is the Vice Chairperson of Nepal Kala Sahitya Dot Com Foundation. He also contributed as an Editing Advisor for an anthology of modern Nepali poetry Sagarmathako nrityamagna aatma (Dancing Soul of Mount Everest).  
Toya Gurung Toya Gurung (b. 1948) has published two collections of poetry and has been awarded several poetry awards including Ratnasri Subarna Padak. She was served as the member of Nepal Academy.  
Susan Lively Susan "Spit-Fire" Lively is an award-winning poet; writer, spoken word artist, producer, photographer, educator, and activist. Her poetry and short stories have appeared in "Head to Hand", "The Pen", "Chance Operations", "The East St. Louis Monitor", "Drumvoices Revue", "No Vacancy", "SIUE News", "Static Movement", and "Postcard Shorts". Lively produces the shows "First Bloom", "Women For Peace", and "100 Thousand Poets & Musicians for Change - St. Louis". In 2016 Susan became an Officer of Urb Arts' Executive Board.  
Hervé Le Tellier Author of over twenty books, Hervé Le Tellier is a French writer, linguist, and prominent member of the Oulipo (Ouvroir de Littérature Potentielle, or "the workshop of potential literature"). From 2002 to 2015, he contributed a daily commentary to the website of the newspaper Le Monde, and he is one of the founders of the "Association of the Friends of Jean-Baptiste Botul," an organization dedicated to promoting this sadly neglected philosopher and his school of "Botulism."  
Shreedhar Lohani Shreedhar Lohani is one of the finest Nepali poets writing in English. He retired as a professor of English at Tribhuvan University. A founding member of the Society of Nepali Writers in English, he is now its adviser.  
Ted Jean A carpenter, Ted Jean writes, paints, plays tennis with lovely Lai Mei. Nominated twice for Best of the Net, and twice for a Pushcart Prize, his work appears in Beloit Poetry Journal, [PANK], DIAGRAM,, Juked, dozens of other publications.  
Tom Hibbard Among Tom Hibbard's recent credits are poems in Cricket Online Review and contributions to an Egyptian international poetry anthology. Also Hibbard has had reviews and essays published in recent issues of Big Bridge, Galatea Resurrects and Word/ For Word. His writings cover such subjects as Jack Kerouac's poetry, the collages of Luc Fierens, visual works of Nico Vassilakis, John Bennett and David-Baptiste Chirot. Hibbard has an introduction to French Surrealism along with a number of translations of Surrealist poems issue 18 of Big Bridge and a review of Eileen Tabios' collection of prose, Against Misanthropy: A Life in Poetry, in the inaugural issue of the journal Halo-Halo. His poetry collection The Sacred River of Consciousness is available online at Moon Willow Press. He's working on finishing a new poetry collection titled The Global People.  
T S Hidalgo T S Hidalgo (43) holds a BBA (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid), a MBA (IE Business School), a Master in Creative Writing (Hotel Kafka) and a Certificate in Management and the Arts (New York University). His works have been published in magazines like, among others, Otoliths, By&By, Revista Almiar, Poems-For-All, Clementine, The Unrorean, Alien Mouth, Haggard&Halloo, Trascendent Zero, Crack the Spine, The Bitchin´ Kitsch, Rat´s Ass, The Commonline Journal, Epigraph, Botsotso, streetcake Magazine, Ascendent Aspirations, The Wolfian, Lana Turner, The Creativity Webzine, Ohio Edit, The WeeklyPoem Literary Review, Autumn Sky Poetry, Uppagus, CalibanOnline, DenimSkin, Litro, Damfino and The Corner Club Press, and he has been the winner of prizes like Criaturas feroces (Editorial Destino) in short story and a finalist at Festival Eñe in novel. He has developed his career in finance and stock-market. "Fever in Kabul" had been published previously in Australia, and "Warrants" in South Africa.