Anthology of Contemporary Indian Poetry II


Good Intentions

you again?
haven't i told you
i don't want to be
your good deed for the day?

of course i've been weeping.
the irrawady dolphins
have depleted, sad, no?
see, it says so on the newspaper
i've stuck on the windows.
oh that's for the sun.
he insists on intruding.
see that beam there? laserlike.
searching for proof
just like you.
so you can send me away.
i won't let you, you know.

sure, my friends are here
they've retreated in the shadows.
they know you won't try too hard.
you have to pick up Tina
from her dance lesson in twenty minutes.

don't look at me like that!
i haven't lost my mind you know
i've just let some friends in there.
i was so lonely after he left me.
yes, i did run after him
from the kitchen to the front door,
in my new stilletos,
i was chopping cabbage for coleslaw;
"don't leave me!" i cried,
but he was in a hurry, i suppose,
why wait when love has gone?
i think i must've tripped,
when i lunged for the door,
"don't leave me!" i said, he left
three and a half fingers
of his right hand,
i've kept them safe
right there, in the butter dish.