Anthology of Contemporary Indian Poetry II


The Wave

She knows she will break
and yet
she rushes to meet him,
the rock.

Rising and falling
a song
gathering momentum
smiling surf
rushing to throw herself 
at the rock.

He just waits
patiently watching
her insanity
as she smashes into him

breaking herself into
infinite particles
spray and foam

covers him
for a moment too brief,
holds him
in her temporality

he just waits
patiently watching
her madness
unmoved, knowing

that even after
she scatters
herself with abandon and
abates, subsides, silent

going back into
her mother's womb
one with the deep

that she goes only
to gather strength
build up and
come rushing back

to be splintered
around him.
Patiently waiting
The rock.

Over and over forever
She knows she will break
and yet
she rushes.

The Wave Answers

Yes, I know I will break
yet I rush
to meet him
the rock
patiently waiting.

Yes, I will throw
myself at him
shatter around him
into a million pieces
happily and willingly.

Fool, can't you see?
that every time
I crash
I carry away a part of him
with me forever.

All mine and
mine alone.
He knows it too
and so he waits
patiently watching.

He wants it too
to be carried away
by me
slowly but surely
and inevitably.

Fool, she laughed,
you will not know
till you wreck yourself
that you become whole
by breaking

That you win everything
by losing all
become one
by splintering.

Fool, she laughed
you will not know
the game
till you play it.

Shades Of Grey

She doesn't paint pretty pictures anymore
Nor string words into merry verse
No, not anymore.
To be honest
She does try.

On a bright sunny day
She pulls out a bright sunny canvas
Stands it up 
On an expectant easel.

A palette full with vibrant colours.
Crimson, ultramarine, chrome and emerald
Place themselves extravagantly
Light and dark
Tint, hue and shade
Sparkling, laughing and playing.

Like lazy, happy school days
Recklessly squandered
All the more enchanted
For their prodigal profligacy.

And just as she begins
To steep herself in colour
An insidious grey
Creeps up from behind.

And dribbles down in rivulets
Of so many shades of grey.
Dove, steel, silver, taupe
Graphite, charcoal and stone.

Awash from end to end.
In myriad shades, to be fair
Some light, others dark
But nevertheless, just grey.

Like a brilliant sunset
In its final flush
Is so swiftly erased
In the descending grey of a leaden cloud
Heavy with rain.

Before it can move away the sun sinks
Taking its brilliant colours
Along with it
Into the sea
Beyond the horizon.
Out of sight.
The sky left only with
So many shades of grey.

And the rain
It mercifully descends
In heavy curtains
Of hazy silver
The cloud, the sea, the sun
Me and you
Blurred lines
And between us
A million shades of grey.